Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Dano Loves the Sink

Dano loves playing in the sink. Any time I put up a chair in the kitchen, he is on it and immediately playing with the dishes in the sink.

Dano loves washing his hands. He is always saying, "Wass. Wass." which of course means, "Mother, can I please wash my hands so that I can play in the water and make a mess and love it?"

Also, he loves pulling the faucet to its max just for fun.

And sometimes I just let him play in the sink because he is occupied for a couple of minutes while I get something done... like make lunch.


Marie said...

Love it. What a cutie! At least it's only a water mess.

Sarah said...

Jack is obsessed with water to. He squeels in delight as soon as we turn on the bath water and attempts to climb in so that he can unsuccessfully try to gab the water with his hands. Cute cute boys.

Laura Chipman said...

Clever Dan knows how to pull out the faucet. Does clever Dan also know how to turn the water on and then pull out the faucet to pour water all over the floor? Hmmmm. What a boy!