Sunday, January 06, 2013

New Years Day

 On New Years Day, we were all finally healthy and happy and I had the day off of work, so we decided to take the kids sledding. And the first time down the run, it went something like this.


At this point, I started running toward the sled because Dano had flown off and started rolling down the hill by himself. Taking pictures seemed less important at that point.

Dano was okay after that first run, but neither he nor Nicole were eager to do another run. But, Dano did let me put an owl hat on his head after this probably because he realized that it was a lot warmer to wear a hat than it is to have no hat and snow all over the place.

So, I started taking a bunch of pictures of the kids with my new fandangled camera and new extended lens. But, of course, my kids were having so much fun playing in the snow that they did not have the time to look at me.

Dano especially did not want to have his picture taken. He was on a mission to traipse through the snow to an unknown destination. And he did not want that destination to be me. I would run in front of him, and try to take his picture so that I could get his face and he would immediately change directions so that he would not be walking toward me. Silly kid.

Why blogger? Why won't you rotate this picture even though it is rotated in the file saved on my computer? Why do you hate me so much?

 Something is wrong! I'm crying!
 Wait, why don't I feel better with a Mommy hug?

I wish I knew how to use photoshop so that I could do cool things with the pictures. I see all these photoshop "actions" that bloggers use on their pictures, but I don't even know what that means. I just wish I knew, magically, how to do that kind of stuff. Maybe someday when Matt is no longer in school, I can take a photography class at UVU.

New Years Day was an awesome day. The kids slept in until 8:30am (which was probably my favorite part), we went sledding for an hour, then we took a long nap (awesome), and finally we dropped the kids off with Momma Kimball and went on date. Our date included eating at Happy Sumo and seeing Les Miserable.

First day of the year was the best day of the year. I'm not sure it can be beat. I think we may have started on too high a high.

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Marie said...

It's so cool that your new camera can take pictures so quickly so you were able to get them sledding down the hill and capture the different expressions. When I first got our fancy camera, I wanted to take a photography class too so I could learn more about it. Anthon got me a photography book. You can borrow it if you want.