Friday, September 11, 2009

Tired and just Tired

So, I've been trying to get Nicole into a new schedule. She is really a fatty baby, so I've been trying to soothe her in other ways than nursing when she gets upset. This makes naptime difficult because she always gets fussy and always wants to nurse herself to sleep. But, I've been trying different methods to get her off of this habbit.

I try to cuddle her and put her pacifier in to make her think she is nursing when she is really not. This sometimes works. I try rocking her in the rocking chair, this almost never works. I've tried putting her in her bed and turning on the mobile and letting her put herself to sleep, this never works! She will just cry and cry and keep on crying until I come and get her. But, I've never let it go longer than 20 minutes because I can't handle it.

Lastly, the thing that usually works, but of course is the most labor intensive for me, is holding her in my arms and rocking her back and forth until she falls asleep. This works really well, but I hate it! I get really tired and she is fairly squirming when she is trying to fall asleep. Oye!

Naps have become very unfun for me, but I know that she needs them during the day or she will only get more upset. She is always a happier baby when she wakes up from her nap. Maybe this is just a phase and she will grow out of it. I can only hope.


Jasmine said...

For your sake, I hope it's just a phase, too. Alexis has gone through many phases such as these, but she does much better now.

It's definitely a good thing to get her to learn how to fall asleep without nursing herself to sleep.

Keep at it! It'll be tough, but so worth it if you can get her to fall asleep on her own earlier rather than later.

Jenni Elyse said...

That has to be hard. I wish I could give you some advice to help, but I can't. I hope it's just a phase and will go by quickly.

Laura said...

Babies go through many phases. And just when you figure out how to get through one phase...they go through another one and you get to try to figure out that one. Look at it as a learning experience. When you have your next baby, you will remember all these phases and just ride through them. Always remember that phases are always TEMPORARY. THEY DON'T LAST. Enjoy the ride. It ends too soon.

Adrianne Miller said...

Baby taking care of-ing is hard work. I think it is awesome that you are still nursing her. My kiddo wouldn't latch on after trying and trying and trying so I ended up just pumping for 3 months. That sucked! How long do you think you will go? I am seriously amazed. You are super mom.

Adrianne Miller said...
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Becky said...

I'm going to nurse until she gets teeth. That is the plan anyway. We will see how it goes. It really is the easiest to feed her right now.