Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Showered!

Last Saturday, Lisa and I threw a baby shower for our college friend Dixie Annah. Known to most as Dixie Dixon, though she is married now and has a new last name. Annah was my first roommate in college in Hawaii. I never thought then that she would ever end up living here in Utah. She and a lot of my Hawaii friends criticized me for being too "Utah" back in the day. But, I am glad that she is so close by now and expecting her first baby, a boy.

Marie and I spent Friday baking for the shower. We made chocolate cupcakes with a cream cheese and chocolate chip dollup in them. And, we made my favorite ginger cookies. I got the recipe for the cupcakes from Momma Ashton's blog and the cookies from Momma Kimball. I am a recipe thief!

Matt made this delicious apple pie Saturday morning with the apples from my parent's tree.

I think the hardest part of baking all these goods was not sampling too many. Marie and I had a few cookies and split a cupcake, but didn't eat any more than that. And I didn't have any pie until the party. It is difficult to bake and not eat! But, I ended up having more than enough and gave some cupcakes away at the end of the party.
Lisa, my coconspirator in the party, planned all the party games and they were great! The turnout for the party was a little bit of a let down, but we had enough people to play games.
Annah got some presents and she seemed to enjoy herself even though she is 9 months pregnant. She is handling her pregnancy a lot better than I handled mine. I recall a lot of complaining on my part near the end... or throughout the whole thing. I would have to go back and read blog entries to verify though. It is all very vague to me now.
My Nicoley was very good at the party and during the day when I was baking and cleaning up a storm. She just sat in her high chair and observed it all. She loves to sit in her high chair with her feet up on the little tray and just watch Mommy cook. She is such a silly girl!
Her new favorite game is to throw things on the ground. I put toys up on her highchair and she throws them on the ground. Repeat until crazy.
She has also started to make a little question noise. She makes a noise that goes higher at the end like she is asking a question. It is so cute! She also likes to growl at Daddy, this is also just too cute! I think everything she does is cute though, so my opinion is very biased. She can now sit up on her own on the floor. She will sometimes topple over as she goes for a toy, but for the most part she does really well.

She has also started shaking her head in a 'no.' So, we ask her questions like, "can you say Ma Ma?" and she shakes her head 'no.' It is a riot! But, I have as of yet to capture it on camera. She still goes still when the camcorder is on.


Sarah said...

Yay! Nicoley is the cutest baby. Just putting it out there.

Marie said...

We all recall how you were when you were pregnant. None of us can forget, but apparently you can.

At least Nicole is smiling for pictures now.

Laura said...

I'm so glad that my girls know how to cook and bake...even though they wouldn't learn it from me. You done good. Such cute pics of Nicole.

Mc said...

BECKY BECKY BECKY! I heard Buffy had a baby. You are both mommies now.

Annette said...

Your baked goods look wonderful! And Matt makes pies? I'm impressed. Your hair is also very cute.

Nate and Annah Butterfield said...

Good times! Thanks Becky!