Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Matt and I took Nicole to the allergist today to get tested for food allergies. We knew that Nicole had problems because she has always had reactions to milk ever since she was a baby and we recently tried peanut butter and she had a reaction to that as well. Since peanuts is a serious allergy, we had to take her in.

I brought Matt with me for moral support because I don't like seeing my little one in pain. It is really difficult for me. Plus, he helped entertain her since the appointment took an hour and a half.

She did surprisingly better at this doctor's appointment than she has at her other ones. Usually she starts crying the second we walk into the patient room. And she screams when I set her down on the table. But, she didn't do that this time. She was just clingy and scared. She didn't want to let go of me. I think she knows her regular doctor's office and relates that to getting shots.

We went into the office, waited, were put in a little room, waited longer. And while in the little room, Nicole found a little car. Score one car for Nicoley. (she loves cars but doesn't own any) The doctor finally came in and then moved us to a completely different little room and then he left us with a nurse. The nurse used a permanent marker to put little dots all over Nicole's back. Then, she pricked her with little plastic things with essence of (insert food item here)s. We waited another 15 minutes and Nicole was going wild by this point. She had had it with the doctor's office. I knew she desperately needed a nap.

And then, the verdict was in... PEANUTS and EGGS! She is allergic to peanuts and eggs. The peanuts we suspected, but the eggs we did not know about. I hadn't given her eggs yet because I read that I wasn't suppose to until 18months. But now I know not to give them to her until she is 3 years old. It is possible that she will grow out of the egg allergy in a couple of years. But, there is only a 20% chance that she will grow out of the peanut allergy.

So, this just means that Nicole will not be a peanut butter and jelly girl. The doctor said that we should keep her away from all nuts because often if she is allergic to peanuts, she will have allergies with other nuts too.

Luckily, we already know that Nicole does not have reactions to eggs in baked goods. Her favorite foods are cake and cookies and she has never had a reaction to either of those. The doctor said that she probably just can't have straight eggs. So, no scrambled eggs, no crepes, no french toast.

Additionally, I get to carry around an epipen (sp?) for her all the time. He said I have to have it with her at all times and I can't just have it in the car for her. I also got training on how to use it. I really really hope that it never comes to that though because I'm not good at inflicting pain on my child. I would give her the shot if I had to, but I wouldn't like it. Matt knew that we would probably have to get an epipen but it was a shock to me. I guess that is because Matt has food allergies and I don't.

So, it kinda sucks that Nicole has food allergies because I will have to alter the way that I could for us so that she never comes in contact with those things, but it is a manigable allergy, so I am grateful for that. I am now going to do a depeanuting of our house. We accidently gave her a cereal that had peanuts in it the other day and that just can't happen any more, so I've got to go through our pantry and our fridge and throw out anything that says it may contain peanuts on the lable. Too bad really. I think peanuts are delicious.

Monday, May 24, 2010


Yesterday Matt and I went up to my parents house for dinner. We conspired with my Dad to make a fried meal. If my Mom knew about it, it never would have been allowed. My parents have a fryer that was gifted to them a long time ago, but they haven't used it much because my Mom forbade it. So, we pulled out the fryer and realized that it was missing its power cord. My Mom conveniently did not know where it was. Accident, no, conspiracy, yes!

But, we made do with a pot on the stove with oil. My parents have a gas stove so it worked out all right. We have tried frying things on our electric stove and it does not work because it can't keep a constant temperature. The heating element turns on and off to keep the pan hot, making for a sometimes hot and sometimes not so hot vat of oil.

Matt, Anthon and my Dad did most of the work frying up fish, shrimp, and asparagus while us girls sat to the side and chatted. I should probably feel bad for not helping in the kitchen more since it was my idea, but I really don't. The food was great! I think the shrimp turned out the best. The breading was nice and crunchy and the shrimp was not overcooked.

I'm glad it isn't all the time that we eat fried foods because that would be gross, but sometimes it is fun to try something new and cook in a new way. I'm always trying to come up with new dinner ideas. I get sick of eating the same 10 dishes again and again. So, I watch a lot of food network and I often peruse my cook books (thanks to momma kimball for giving me those books).

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

On the Hunt

As many of you already know, things are financially challenging in the Kimball household right now. As such, I am job hunting. I really hate job hunting. At first it is all fun looking at the job postings and applying for like 12 jobs at once, but the longer you do it and the longer you go without replies, the more disappointing it becomes.

Fortunately, I like to think that I am quite marketable because I have a degree and five years of tech writing experience. But, perhaps I am not marketable enough because I have not worked in a year and I am very out of practice with my interview skills.

I'm applying for any writing or editing job that I can find and I'm also going for dental receptionist positions as I already know their software and may qualify for those. It is slim pickins out there, I'm just sayin.

I really hoped when I stopped working that I would not have to work again until all my babies were born and a little grown, but life doesn't always work the way that you want it to. I really enjoy being a writer, I always loved my job, but I love being a mom 10 times more than I loved working. Taking care of Nicole is the most fulfilling job that I have ever had and I would spend all my days and all my time with her if I could because I love her so much! But, I am willing to sacrifice for her in more ways than just spending all my time with her and as such, I am looking for work.

I've discovered that the pay grade has gone down since last I was working. I thought with like inflation and the cost of food and gas going up that for sure people would be getting paid more, but, alas it seems that people are getting paid less. The economy is so screwed up.

Even though some days things are disappointing because job hunting sucks and a stack of bills can be stressful, Matt and I are very positive. We know that every challenge is just a way for us to come closer to the Lord and closer together as a family. I am more happy with my marriage and my family now then I have ever been. I know that if I have faith and if I do everything that I am suppose to be doing that the Lord will take care of me and my family. Though it may not be in the ways that I want to.

If I had my way, I would be a stay at home mom for the rest of my time that my kids live in my house, but I think there are other plans for me. It just makes me grateful that I took the time to finish my degree and that I worked on my career for a few years before I started my family.

For now though, I am trying to enjoy every moment with my little Nicole.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

She's Got Those Teeth

Coley decided to be the odd baby who gets teeth all at once rather than getting them one at a time over many months. Since her first birthday, she has grown 8 new teeth, four on top and four on bottom.

I am glad that many of them are finally in, but it has been a tear filled ride. I always feel so bad for her when her mouth hurts. I especially feel bad when I give her some crunchy cereal and she cries while she eats it. My poor little one.

Unfortunately, with teeth comes biting. It is good when she learns to bite her food and chew her food, but it is a bad when she wants to bite Mommy. I know that she is just trying to figure out what it feels like and she doesn't yet know that it hurts me (like her pinches and her scratches), but I really wish that I could find a good way to communicate to her that hurting Mommy is not fun.

Hopefully, the worst of the teeth is over for her. We shall see.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Chocolate Girl

Nicole is our little chocolate girl. She loves chocolate! I made chocolate chip cookies the other night and Nicole went crazy trying to get those cookies from us. So, we stuck her in her high chair, gave her a whole cookie and just let her go. These were the results.

She had a blast eating that cookie, but about half way through she got upset because she realized her hands were dirty. She hates having dirty hands. So, we cleaned them and let her continue eating the cookie.

I watched Lucy for Anne the other day and Nicole and Lucy were so cute together. They sat down on a blanket with their snacks and blankets and watched Your Baby Can Read. So, I had to take a picture.

This is a picture of Nicole in her favorite drawer. It is way to small for her, but she insists on climbing in it.
Laundry basket babe.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Vegas Vacation

Matt, Nicole, and I went to Vegas last weekend with Marie and Anthon. Ree told me that she and Anthon were going to Vegas and staying in the parent's timeshare. I just invited my family along for the trip.

We headed down on the 30th and stopped in St. George to see Matt's Grandma and Granpda Kimball. They were kind enough to feed us and Nicole and we visited for most of the day.

We got a picture of Nicole in this metal highchair. Apparently, this highchair has a long history. Grandma Kimball got it for her own children like 40 years ago and has just kept it forever. All the grandchildren have a picture of themselves in this chair. Grandma proved it to me by pulling out the photo album. So, we had to get a pic of Nicole.

After that, we headed on down to Vegas. Marie and Anthon left the next morning for California, so we had the place to ourselves for a couple of days. First, we went to the Belagio and saw the garden. It was pretty cool, but I think I liked it better last year when they had live birds. Nicole thought it was too sunny.

We also walked over to Ceasars Palace to check out the Forum shops. We hit the Apple store and tried the new iPad. It was pretty cool, but I would never buy one.

While we were in Caesars, we saw Bobby Flay's restaurant, Mesa. We are big fans of the food network and Bobby Flay, so we had to stop and eat there. We ate brunch there and it was delicious! I got a lamb salad and Matt got poached eggs and sweet potato hash. It was super spicy! I had never had Southwestern food before and didn't realize how spicy it would be, but it was totally worth it!

We headed back to the condo, took a nap and then decided to try swimming. Nicole and I are going to do a Mommy and me swimming class this summer, so I was excited to get her in the water. She hated it! She cried and tried to climb up me to get herself out of the water. But, she looked really cute in her new suit.

While at the condo, Nicole had to find another one of her tight spaces to play in. She found it in the entertainment center. She was constantly crawling onto this little shelf.

On Sunday, before Marie and Anthon got back, we went to church then headed out to see the Vegas temple. It was beautiful. The whole area around the temple was really nice and if it wasn't the desert, I would totally live there.

Ree and Anthon got back late on Sunday and we spent all of Monday with them. We did a tour of the Zappos company (not as cool as I thought it would be) and we ate at a buffet. Normally, I don't like buffets because they are yucko, but the buffets in Vegas just seem to be a little more appetizing.

It was a nice little vacation and a lot of fun to get away for a weekend. I also liked vacationing with my sister, it was a little like the old days when we would all vacation as a family. I loved those times.