Monday, May 24, 2010


Yesterday Matt and I went up to my parents house for dinner. We conspired with my Dad to make a fried meal. If my Mom knew about it, it never would have been allowed. My parents have a fryer that was gifted to them a long time ago, but they haven't used it much because my Mom forbade it. So, we pulled out the fryer and realized that it was missing its power cord. My Mom conveniently did not know where it was. Accident, no, conspiracy, yes!

But, we made do with a pot on the stove with oil. My parents have a gas stove so it worked out all right. We have tried frying things on our electric stove and it does not work because it can't keep a constant temperature. The heating element turns on and off to keep the pan hot, making for a sometimes hot and sometimes not so hot vat of oil.

Matt, Anthon and my Dad did most of the work frying up fish, shrimp, and asparagus while us girls sat to the side and chatted. I should probably feel bad for not helping in the kitchen more since it was my idea, but I really don't. The food was great! I think the shrimp turned out the best. The breading was nice and crunchy and the shrimp was not overcooked.

I'm glad it isn't all the time that we eat fried foods because that would be gross, but sometimes it is fun to try something new and cook in a new way. I'm always trying to come up with new dinner ideas. I get sick of eating the same 10 dishes again and again. So, I watch a lot of food network and I often peruse my cook books (thanks to momma kimball for giving me those books).


Jasmine said...

Sounds yummy! I so want shrimp and fish right now....stupid pregnancy and not allowed to eat shellfish.

Marie said...

You didn't even mention my name in this post! It's like I wasn't even there!

Sarah said...

I love new recipes! If you ever need a good one call me...I am always trying new things!

Jenni Elyse said...

I love fried things, but alas, it's not good to eat it very often. I'm glad you got the chance to have some. Homemade fried things are the best.

I've never had a problem frying things on an electric stove before. Maybe, your stove just has issues.

Lisa D said...

hehehe... your mom conveniently lost the power cord. :)

Don't worry Marie, you were mentioned. You were one of "us girls" who didn't help in the kitchen. :)

Laura said...

Funny how that power cord got lost. Hmmmmmmmm. I know nothing. Nothing!