Monday, May 10, 2010

Vegas Vacation

Matt, Nicole, and I went to Vegas last weekend with Marie and Anthon. Ree told me that she and Anthon were going to Vegas and staying in the parent's timeshare. I just invited my family along for the trip.

We headed down on the 30th and stopped in St. George to see Matt's Grandma and Granpda Kimball. They were kind enough to feed us and Nicole and we visited for most of the day.

We got a picture of Nicole in this metal highchair. Apparently, this highchair has a long history. Grandma Kimball got it for her own children like 40 years ago and has just kept it forever. All the grandchildren have a picture of themselves in this chair. Grandma proved it to me by pulling out the photo album. So, we had to get a pic of Nicole.

After that, we headed on down to Vegas. Marie and Anthon left the next morning for California, so we had the place to ourselves for a couple of days. First, we went to the Belagio and saw the garden. It was pretty cool, but I think I liked it better last year when they had live birds. Nicole thought it was too sunny.

We also walked over to Ceasars Palace to check out the Forum shops. We hit the Apple store and tried the new iPad. It was pretty cool, but I would never buy one.

While we were in Caesars, we saw Bobby Flay's restaurant, Mesa. We are big fans of the food network and Bobby Flay, so we had to stop and eat there. We ate brunch there and it was delicious! I got a lamb salad and Matt got poached eggs and sweet potato hash. It was super spicy! I had never had Southwestern food before and didn't realize how spicy it would be, but it was totally worth it!

We headed back to the condo, took a nap and then decided to try swimming. Nicole and I are going to do a Mommy and me swimming class this summer, so I was excited to get her in the water. She hated it! She cried and tried to climb up me to get herself out of the water. But, she looked really cute in her new suit.

While at the condo, Nicole had to find another one of her tight spaces to play in. She found it in the entertainment center. She was constantly crawling onto this little shelf.

On Sunday, before Marie and Anthon got back, we went to church then headed out to see the Vegas temple. It was beautiful. The whole area around the temple was really nice and if it wasn't the desert, I would totally live there.

Ree and Anthon got back late on Sunday and we spent all of Monday with them. We did a tour of the Zappos company (not as cool as I thought it would be) and we ate at a buffet. Normally, I don't like buffets because they are yucko, but the buffets in Vegas just seem to be a little more appetizing.

It was a nice little vacation and a lot of fun to get away for a weekend. I also liked vacationing with my sister, it was a little like the old days when we would all vacation as a family. I loved those times.


Marie said...

Good times.

The pic of Nicole in her swimsuit is so cute! She looks like she's posing for a magazine.

Zappos was only worth our time because we got some free books...which I will probably never read.

Jenni Elyse said...

Nicole does look cute in her new swimsuit. Too bad she doesn't like the water. Does she like to take baths?

Laura said...

Coley is too cute in her swimsuit and I love that she loves to find her own little niches. Glad that you all had a great little vacation and could relax.