Monday, October 30, 2006

My Blarg-off

This is teh Ju'tin. My Blarg-off will consist of the following:





Saturday, October 28, 2006

Matt had a birthday almost a month ago. The pictures that follow record the celebration that we held. His age will not be revealed to protect the innocent, but lets just say that he is older than Baby, but younger than Santa Claus.  Posted by Picasa
We played Balderdash and there was an uncontrollable laughter syndrome that went around and DJ caught it. I won the game and that is all that matters. Posted by Picasa
Carlos has a fork. He is ready for cake. Posted by Picasa
Matt blowing out candles. Posted by Picasa
Here is a picture of me on Matt's birthday because I felt that there should be at least one really pretty pic in the bunch. Posted by Picasa
This is Matt and I on his birthday. It took a few shots to get this pic, but I think that it turned out well. Posted by Picasa
Balderdash with the Kimballs and Aguileras. Posted by Picasa
Ann looks scary here and I think that that is awesome! Carlos looks normal in this pic and that just means that they have a balanced relationship. Or that Ann is crazy and Carlos isn't, but that isn't likely. Posted by Picasa
Ann is laughing and Carlos is not, I don't remember why. But, there it is. Posted by Picasa
Here beginnith the only pictures that I took in Washington on my trip. I should have taken more pics, but it didn't happen for reasons unknown. This is at the wildlife park, it was awesome. Posted by Picasa
This is me and Matt in Washington when we went to visit his parents. I look awesome in this shot, but Matt is sad. He is sad because he was forced to stand next to me. Posted by Picasa
Here is me in Washington with hair in my face. I don't know how that happened, but it looks really silly. Posted by Picasa
These are Matt's parents. I took this pic at the wild life animal park. The park was pretty much awesome. Posted by Picasa

Monday, October 23, 2006

My Halloween Party

As many of you know, this weekend was my Halloween party. I once again lack the pictures to show you the results of the event, but maybe my beautiful older sister will be happy to oblige with that in the future.

The evening began with me and Matt cobwebbing Marie's house. I felt that it was thoroughly scary after we cobwebbed everything and anything with edges. Unfortunately, my cobwebbing skills were shot down as Matt proved to be more apt at applying cobwebs. I hang my head in cobweb shame!

Kelli, beautifully supplied the cider, dry ice, spooky punch bowl, which I thought looked smashing for the first hour until it lost it's smokyness and was just a bowl of slushy cider.

Eventually, guests showed up and we had a motley of characters attending. The characters were as thus: Gia (um mother earth or however that is spelled), Kitty, Pumpkin Head (who turned out to be the murderer of the evening), Betty Rubble, House (from the tv show), Wacko & Dot (of the animaniacs, still can't believe that Kelli doesn't know who they are), Nefi (played by Zach), Dai Monsterdai (the vampire hunter who wears a thundercats shirt), Ann Angrimob (the local tavern wench), a Goth horror writer in really tall boots, Count DeBodies (a film actor who wears scout metals), an Indian princess (as in from India), Superman (complete with fake muscles), Cinderella, a Harry Potter student, and I'm thinking that that is it. I'm pretty sure I forgot someone, and to that person, I am not sorry because your costume obviously wasn't memorable.

After much eating and some waiting around for all of the cast to arrive, we gave up and guests were gracious enough to fill in for missing cast members. I thought that the reading of the mystery went quite well, and the added ad-libs just made all the more funny. There were a mysteriously large amount of letters floating around in the game that helped to solve the mystery. Baby thought that there were too many letters, but I thought that there was just enough.

Post mystery, the party came to a close as people had to leave and I began frantically cleaning up. Matt, Karmen and Kelli were gracious enough to aid in the cleaning process. Many stuck around for prolonged chatting and such and it was a good time. We all pattered off around 12am.

I felt that it was very successful. Not my best party, but it was still a fun party with excitment and dressing up. To all those that did not make it to my party, you were missed. To all those who said that they were coming and then didn't show, *shakes fist heartily.*

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like My Baby?

This is a not so small reminder to all of my blog viewers that Saturday is my Halloween Party and everyone should come, though not everyone is coming. Alas! Not as many people as I hoped to attend are actually attending, but I think that there will still be enough people to guess the mystery. And, if not, then there will be food and it will still be fun. So, everyone should come! Saturday, at 6pm, at Marie's house (The party house if you will).

In other news, tonight is Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars and that just gives me all kinds of glee. You should be gleeful too! Be gleeful dangit!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Weekend Blues

I've got the weekend blues. Which is really an oxymoron because the weekend is suppose to be funfilled, exciting and without work or care. But, my Matt-face boyfriend is working over the weekend and it gives me the blues because I will see him less than I would like. Luckily, I have my Baby that I am going to see tonight and that cheers me up more than a little.

I wish that I had fanciful and exciting plans this weekend, but I don't. Hopefully, it will be better than last weekend when I rode the ski lift. Gotta say, I don't much care for ski lifts. Now I understand why I never learned to ski.

The parents are out of town too, so I can't even look forward to Sunday dinner at their house, which I was looking forward to because I have been in like three weeks and I miss the fam. Especially the marrieds that I only get to see at that time. I think I will soon forget what Norm and Rand look like because it has been so long since I have seen them.

Additionally, I put my big, beautiful, 27inch flat screen in the livingroom of my condo, which gives me the blues because I liked being able to go into my room to watch tv. The wonderful, beautiful Kelli lent me her bitty tv to put in my room, but, for reasons unknown, it won't recognize the cable channels, only the first 14 channels. Which means it leaves out channel 15, the favorite of all the channels.

And so, I have the weekend blues.

Oh, and it is Friday the 13th... fear impending death and doom.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Blog Off - Realities Collide

Spike, Tifa, Rikku, and Squall (A Character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and three Final Fantasy games respectively) were adventuring through the forest. Spike and Rikku were bickering as usual and Squall was in his 'Whatever' mood. That's when they heard a 'tapping' noise like one heard in Metal Gear Solid.

The group ran toward the sound and found Wolverine from X-Men Comics and Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series guarding a hatch which resembled that depicted on the popular TV series Lost. They noticed the two men guarding the hatch were 'Questgivers' like those on World of Warcraft and proceeded to enter the hatch. Once inside they decided to take some R&R and read some books and watch Gilmore Girls.

Just then, Dr. Cox from the hilariously funny sitcom Scrubs arrived complaining at the Heroes about their rude arrival and apparent quest to kill all the bunnies. The team set off into the corridors of the hatch where they heard the voice of the narrator, but ended up slaughtering a vile rabbit with Balefire as depicted by the One Power in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time book series. The group began to bicker about XP and looting options when the producers called and cancelled the blog and thus the team dispersed.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Is it Wednesday?

Okay, so I made a bit of a flub in timing when challenging my blog viewers to a blog off. I forgot that this was my first week at Dentrix and that I would be one busy little bee. Only not a bee at all because I'm not fuzzy, yellow, an insect and I don't think that I have a stinger. Something that is more like human worker rather than bee. Moving on...
So, I was a little delayed in inviting and giving rights to my two challengers (Mike and Justin). But, Mike has accepted and Justin is pending. I will take a little bit to actually post my Blog Off post, but I will label it "Blog Off" so that all know that it is the competing post. I may post lesser, non-good, non-competing posts, but they are not my excellante one.
I encourage my competitors to also label their posts in some way as "Blog Off" posts.
Additionally, I agree with Justin that the content of the post can not be a reaction to a previous post.
Oh, and bloggers, don't abuse your priveledges and change things you are not to change on the blog like templates and stuff.

In other news...
I'm thoroughly enjoying my new job and I have been kept very busy. I'm doing a "learn as you go" kind of approach. I'm learning the software as I right about it. Additionally, I'm getting a crash course in InDesign. My InDesign knowledge is very beginner and I'm trying to learn fast all the features. I actually really like the program and if I actually had personal electronic layout needs, I would totally want it for me. But, seeing as I am layoutless, I'll be content with doing it at work.
I think one of the best things about my new job is that I have two computers to do my work. It pretty much rocks.

Oh, and I recently returned from my Washington trip. I think I took like two pictures (bad me for not taking more) I will post them someday... maybe. The vacation was good, but the driving was less than fun. I think that I will stick to flying for my next adventure.

I love my Baby, that is all.