Wednesday, March 30, 2005


I'm crazy, out of my mind stressed because I have so much to do before I go, but at the same time I am screaming inside with excitement. I love Buffy, I love James Marsters and this convention brings those two things and me together in a beautiful union of fun. THANK YOU VULKON AND OTHER CONVENTION PEOPLE FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE! I would also like to thank my parents for their understanding and tollerating me going to this despite the fact that they don't really understand. I would also like to thank Makau Corporation, that provides me with my source of income. I want to say thanks to Natalie for being my co-atendee and Monique for coordinating room and platinuminess. I hope that I will bennefit off of her high standing. In addition, I'd like to thank Mikey in advance for being sooo cute and for dressing up like James. "You ROCK Mikey!"
I'm thoroughly more excited about this con than I was the last one because I kinda know the groove of things and know what to expect. In addition, we are trying new things. The Banquet, which I hear is uber fun, in which we get to eat with the stars. Yeah! James Concert, cuz what is better than hearing James sing? I got to hear Tony sing at the last one and that was cool, but my heart and fanndom belongs to James. I know more people at the Con, so I will have a semi-established group of people to chat with. I also am more prepared for this Con. I have moved into the digital age, or my mother and sister have and I'm along for the ride. I am going to have digital representation of the Con in the form of video and pictures. Yeah! Because who likes a non zoomed pic? Not me!
I regret to inform that some people who were at the last con, will not be making an appearance this year. So, I raise my imaginary glass to Kelli. We will miss you dearly and I hope you have more fun taking tests, saving your money and changing diapers. *clink*
And lastly but of course not leastly, THANK YOU JAMES MARSTERS FOR DOING A CON IN THE USA! I will, of course, give a full Con report when I return.
See ya suckers!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

At Long Last

Okay, I have been fully slacking in the blog demension. I blame it on Rachel because my world seemed to crumble when she left and blogging just didn't seem as important without her here. But now that she has returned, so may I to the world of blog.
As the end of the semester draws nigh, I always feel a sort of anxiousness. And as we all know this is a form of anxiety rather than an elated feeling, because if it was a happiness it would be anticipation, but no, it is anxiousness. I get all stressed with all the tests and inevitable papers that are looming over my head or rather in my head because that is where I store my knowledge. But wouldn't it be cool if I could store it outside of my head and like pull it up on a computer to look at? I think it would be cool, maybe I should invent something like that.
Anyway, it makes me think, once again what the purpose of school is. If I'm not doing something that I love to do, why do I do it? It is an unknown thing. I see all of my friends not going to school and working their brains out, but have fun doing it. Then there is me that sits in class half my day and then I'm up to my elbows in homework that I never do the rest of the day. What is that all about? It is difficult to say if you are me. I mean, I enjoy my English classes, but my other meaningless classes like American Heritage, Spanish, Religion, History, Science, ect... what are the point of those classes? I mean, do I really need to know what Sherman's plan is? Will I ever use that in life. I can't see my self having a conversation or an experience in life and then saying, "Oh this is just like Sherman's Plan in the early 1900's. Who cares, really? But I suppose that school holds some sort of deeper meaning or knowledge or self satisfaction. If anyone finds one of those, let me know where it is so that I can find it too.
In conclusion, I believe that finals are hard, school is harder, Spanish is harder than both of those and Buffy rules!

Monday, March 07, 2005

Tall Minds

Today, while contemplating the meaning of life, I thought about the title and meaning of my blog. Tall Minds. What does this mean? Why is this blog for all those, taller, prettier and smarter than all the rest of you dwarves out there? I have come to the conclusion that Tall Minds means so much more than I could have ever fathomed at the creation of this blog. Not only does Tall Minds act as an aspiration for all to learn and expand their minds, and intellect, but it also signifies that those who blog here are marginally smarter than those who do not blog here.
In addition, Tall Minds caters to the tall people of the world, which can be seen as physically tall or metaphorically tall. Those who tower above others and seek to fulfill their hopes and dreams. This blog is for those people. Whereas the dwarves merely seclude themselves in their own personal caves, digging themselves deeper into their own world, never dreaming of exploring out into that big world. This blog is for those who want to be involved with the masses and make a difference in the world.
And we bloggers of this blog are naturally prettier than dwarves because we lack beards and that is just a given.
So, to all those, short, small minded, cave dwellers, "Open up your Minds! Grow a little! See the light! Come back to us! Read my blog dangit!"
Also, watch more Buffy, you can never have enough Buffy