Thursday, June 29, 2006

Superman is God... Or something less Blasphemous

Saw Superman and I loved it, loved it, loved it. The action was awesome, the plot line kicked the trash of the first Superman's plotline and then it grinds it into the ground with a red boot and then it launches it into space.
Not only is Superman very good looking, but he is charming and nerdy and inspirational and good valuey and all that good stuff. I thought that Branden Routh (correct?) played him wonderfully and I'm fully hoping for a sequel so that I can get more oggle time.
Kate Boswell did a really good job playing Lois Lane, better than I ever expected her to and they made her character into a real person, not just a ditzy reporting with a crush on Superman.
Kevin Spacey was very good as well. I actually liked Lex Luthor though he was so obviously evil! Though I thought his motivation was not portrayed well.
I shall say no more because I don't want to be spoilerific, but if you want to be spoileresque, comment! But, if you haven't seen it, don't read the comments until after you have!
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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Spider Man, Spider Man, Does Everything A Spider Can

I had to post this before Justin posted it on his blog because I want to be the ultimate Spiderman fan, ME!
Spiderman Three.
He's back, he's black, I'm excited.
Click on the title to see the trailer and then for all you geeky comic book fans, tell me what you think of what they are doing.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Too Long Clanky, too long!

It has been way too long since I have posted on my blog. I know that all my adoring blog fans feel very deprived and for that I apologize. If you haven't noticed my lack of posting, you obviously don't look at my blog enough and to you I unapologize.

I went on the Heber Creeper today. It is a very long, very slow, very hot train ride with bugs. I went with my family and neices and nephews and they loved it, so I can onlly conclude that 'Silly Rabbit, train rides are for kids!' Me and Baby mostly sat and read Ender's Game. I forgot my book (still kicking myself), so I had to read Sarah's book over her shoulder. Usually Baby brings two books, but today she did not, "Darn you Baby!" But, it made me realize how much I love Ender's Game. I read it last year, but I feel like it is that time again, I will have to read it all over again.

Side note: I got to meet Antonio's children today and they are just so cute! They are all very blonde, which surprised me because Antwan's hair is darker like almost brown, but they are very cute and very sweet. I liked that Avery's favorite word was 'No.' That just made her all the cuter.

Back on topic: Trains used to be modes of transportation, but here in the states, the train is out dated and are now used as a leisurely ride of entertainment and I can see why. Trains are slow! Thank goodness for the invention of cars. I could even ride a bike and go faster than the train did today. I think that trains should be reserved for cowboys and Harry Potter.

That is all, there is nothing more.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

The Ultimate Showdown

I thought that this was funny. Maybe you won't, but I'm willing to take that risk.


I'm an Aunt... Again

This weekend, on the day of the full moon, my brother Jake and his wife Jill had their third child. Ethan Michael Leeman Derington, a little boy of 7lbs 14oz. He is as cute as button. That is, if buttons could be cute, but they are really just hunks of plastic or metal that keep your pants on. But, I appreciate those plastic hunks because I enjoy having my pants on.

So, this is for you Buttons! *gives a thumbs up* Thanks for all the work that you do!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Becky, that's my name. Say it again, it remains the same.

The receptionist at my work stepped in a hole and broke her leg in three places. This is unpleasant for her, but more importantly, it is unpleasant for me because I have been told to temporarily take her place at the front desk as the receptionist. Granted, I don't have to sit up here the whole time, I'm doing this in shifts with other ladies in the office, but still, it is in the realm of not fun.
Let me explain to you why being the receptionist is sucktastic. The receptionist is the lowest form of life in a company. She (I saw she because Bill does not believe men can or should be receptionists) is given and required to do all the meanial jobs that no one else wants to do. AND, as receptionist, you are just suppose to smile and thank the giver of the work for giving you work! It is really a degrading and unappreciated position.
So, I dislike this having to sit at the front desk and fill in for Sherrill (receptionist) because suddenly, I'm being given work like faxing, mailing and filing, that kind of thing. Work that the giver could do themself, they just don't want to. GRRR....
Additionally, I have to work for this radio station of very loud and very annoying women and do things for them and bring them down to the studio and they lord over me like they are better than me because I happen to be sitting at the front desk today. This is annoying.
Moreover, people tend to blame the receptionist for everything because she is the first person that any person sees or talks to in the company. I'm tired of people asking me for money that I do not have and blaming me for any problem that they are having. This is not the highlight of fun.
In conclusion, I miss my cubicle and I miss my job that doesn't involve answering the phone or talking to people.
What is the opposite of funtastic about your job? This is your chance to complain, so take it!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


Life is monotonous. Go to work, come home from work, sometimes play, sometimes not so play. Repeat everyday.
Granted, my times of play differ and are fun, but then I have to sleep and then I have to wake up and then there is that work thing again.
Where is the relief?!? I haven't had a vacation in a while and I'm having a hankering for one. Something that will let me sleep in past 7am and ensure sunshine. But vacations are always jam-packed and very eventful, providing no rest at all. Vacations require a vacation from the vacation!
There is no winning.
I guess I will just have to enjoy the moments of glee that I occasionally have. Can't think of one right now, but if I think of one... I'll comment.
Anyone else find anything really fun that they are doing, let me know so I can try it and break the cycle of monotony!