Wednesday, November 29, 2006

11 o clock and all is well

Shopping maddness is the best/worst of times in the Christmas season. I love shopping and I love buying gifts, but come Christmas season it seems to take up a lot of time. I think it is the maddness and swarms of people that is the most frustrating part. Why must everyone flock to the store while I am there? Don't they know that I am most important?

Additionally, I have to think of gifts for other people. Most of the time, this is not to difficult because I am good at thinking of gifts, but this year it seems to plague me. For instance, I have to get a gift for Norm and I'm just not quite sure what to get him (suggestions helpful for those of you who know Norm). Buying for my parents is nigh on impossible because they buy most of the things that they need/want and I still haven't thought of a gift for my Mom. Hopefully, that will come to me soon.

For this reason, I've decided to shaft my friends this year and get them nothing because I hardly ever see them and unless there is a party or a consensus on a gift exchange, nothing will be given. That just leaves buying gifts for family and significant others and myself (can't forget about getting me gifts!). Shopping will be hopefully minimal this year.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Gobbler Day

This year for Thanksgiving, I will be baking pies! Now, I've baked a pie before, a pumpkin pie (with the close supervision/help of Matt), and that pie turned out fairly well, so I have some confidence in my baking skills. But, Marie and I are the only ones in charge of pies, so I feel that they really should be quite good. I've decided to do three different kinds of pie because Marie claims that she will be purchasing her pies rather than baking them and that is just not an acceptable pie. My pies will be the traditional pumpkin (which should be present at every quality Thanksgiving feast), apple (which can prove difficult with that top crust, so I will be doing a crumb crust), and chocolate pudding (because easy and oh so yummy). I think that baking might go better for me than it has gone in the past.

In the past I have not been allowed to bake things. I have a tendency to burn things or to sink things and my baking priviledges were therefore taken away. That is why I had a Lisa. Lisa did the baking of the cookies and other such oveny things (I'm afraid of the oven, it is a burn thing). But, now my Lisa has left me and I must venture out on my own and conquer my fears. Hence the pie making.

Thanksgiving will be at the Parents again this year and, unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) the marrieds will not be coming. Excellently, we snagged Darin and Deanne for Thanksgiving dinner. It is excellent because Deanne makes the best rolls ever. Her rolls are the best rolls I've ever had and there are always too few of them. I don't know how we snagged them on such late notice, but somehow we did and I am joyful. Anthon will also be attending the festivities with children in tow and this is also joyful as he has not yet come to a holiday dinner with us.

The best thing about Thanksgiving is not the food, it isn't the time with my family, it isn't the day after shopping, but rather it is the short work week. Three day work week is pretty much the best thing ever! Just one more day of work and then five days off. I love not having to work for the joy of sleeping in is sweet. Though, I am looking forward to day after turkey day shopping. Hello pretty things for Becky!

Side note: I did not get a PS3 and it is sad. I pine for me.

Happy Thanksgiving Blog viewers!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Dreaming of Superman

So, I had this strange dream last night and we all know that I like to reveal my dreams on my blog for reasons unknown.

In my dream I had a child that rapidly grew and I was Superman. I had all the Superman powers only I was female and me. Anyway, Lex Luthor was the parent of my child and the baby girl started out as a baby, but rapidly began to grow into a toddler. It was all very strange because the whole time in the dream, the little girl felt like she was really mine and I woke up feeling like I was missing something. It took me moments to realize that I did not have a child and I was not Superman and Lex Luthor was not the father of my non-existant child.
I always find it very disconcerning when I wake up with the same emotions I had in my dream. Now I really wish I could fly though.

I've always assumed that all women dream of being pregnant or having children, but then I thought that maybe I was wrong, maybe I'm just a strange dream weirdo.

In conclusion, I've learned that it is not the best idea to watch TV right before I go to bed because I will then dream about tv.

Monday, November 06, 2006

I'm flying

Heroes rocks! Watch it, love it, live it.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Make the Madness Stop Already!

Justin's lamo post could not be the first thing that my blog viewers see, so I had to put up something new. I've been serioiusly slacking my blog duties as of late and I'm thinking that that has got to stop.

I'm always working and when I'm not working, my social calendar is always very full, and I think to myself, "How did I ever have time when I was in school?" Between work and school, I'm not sure how or if I had a social life at all! Now, I have so many social demands on me that I have to often turn people down. It is so hard being popular AND beautiful.

The other night, at Buffy night, there was a birthday/halloween themed event and it was buckets of fun as we ate and caroused... until... They (the group) were picking out a movie to watch (of the scary variety) and they had begun shouting about one that they wanted to watch. I politely and quietly asked someone by me what the movie was rated (I don't watch movies with an R rating), she continued to shout the question to the crowd. The crowd responded, "Does it matter?" She said that it did, and the movie was rated R and everyone realized that said girl was asking on behalf of me. Then it just got really awkward because some still shouted for the R movie, while others (the host included) said that we could watch a different movie. I said that it was no big deal and I would just cut out of the party earlier. There were many protests to this statement. They did not want me to leave, but they wanted to watch their movie, so one individual checked the rating content in an effort to pursuade me to watch because there was only nudity, sexual content, violence and language that made the rating R. I declined said watching and a PG-13 movie was chosen. But, then, other party attenders left because they didn't want to watch the PG-13 movie. This just made me feel really guilty and out of place because I was the only one who did not wish to watch the R movie, so I once again said that I was taking off, again to great protest. So, the other avid R watchers departed not long after the PG-13 started.

So, in response to this whole experience, I wonder why some people are so afronted or offended by those who don't want to watch some content and try to force their viewing choices on others. I did not try to force my viewing choice on the rest of the group, I simply attempted to remove myself from the situation so that others may do as they please. But, some found this distasteful because they would feel guilty if I left the party. Why would they feel guilt for a choice that I am making? Why would others try to pursuade me to act as they do? Why would some become so offended by the situation that they leave? It is perplexing to me.

The whole situation made me extremely uncomfortable, and though I am normally perfectly comfortable around these people, (though many hold different beliefs than I) this was the first time that I was not comfortable in the least.

In conclusion, I'm going to stay away from Buffy night for a bit because it left me with an unsettling feeling.