Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Can Someone hit me with a Car Please?

Is there such a thing as ridiculously tired? It seems that that is what I am, ridiculously tired. I sleep at night at least a good 6 1/2 to 7 hours and then on weekends I get even more sleep because I sleep in to unspeakable hours and yet I am still exhausted. I don't think there is ever a way to catch up on sleep. I will forever be tired forever. I'm just waiting for that day when I wake up and there is no grogginess or impending doom of the day to come, but rather a light and elated feeling. But alas that that has not occured as of recent. I feel that someone should be blamed for this and it is the sandman. Either he is using too much sand on me or not enough and he should really be beaten into submission like that one time on Power Puff Girls. But there are no more Power Puff Girls because Sarah dyed her hair purple and Bubbles is lost to us. I hope you are happy Sarah!
Well maybe what we really should do is have an audition for new superheros to save me from the sandman. So take a number, get in line and strut your superheroey stuff.

Monday, May 23, 2005

My Lack of Photoshoppin Skills

Okay, Natalie may have out photoshopped me because I don't actually have photoshop and I just used Microsoft Picture editor, but I take this as a challenge. A challenge for bigger and better posts. For it is difficult to post the Ego Con, but I will find a way, oh yes, I will. You wanna know why? Because I have a team, a team that has, granted, abandoned me long ago, but this dream team can come back to life, with avengence at the click of a mouse. So you beware Natalie Ashton! Because just as you can defile my family with excellent spouts of Photoshoppiness, I can destroy all that you hold dear to you. I can exploit you with pictures of you in a not very good light, which I would never do because you have far more embarrassing pictures of me, but I have the best plan ever. So beware...beware!
The storm is coming.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ask And You Shall Recieve

I believe that there was a request for something new. But I have nothing new to talk about, so I will merely rant upon the old.
I HATE STARWARS... IN GENERAL! I mean people make a really big hype about the movies and they go on and on and go crazy/obsessed with it, and I just don't get it. I saw the old movies and they were okay to watch once, but then they are just boring, not to mention corny. Then I saw the new movies, again once, and they were more corny and the only thing that saved them was the hotness of Ewan McGregor, which was even brought down a few notches because he has a beard and disguises his accent, plus he doesn't sing. So really the new movies have the resemblence of Ewan McGregor. And frankly, that just aint enough for me.
The thing that I fear most for the movie that came out today is Haden Christensen. His whole, "I'm so mad, I'm so mad." thing; only comes off as a whiny child. Granted, maybe he is suppose to be portraying a whiny child, but Who wants to watch that?
In addition, the folley that was Jar Jar Binks. Need I saw more?
Unstable plot lines, corny lines, bad acting, lemmings, and George Lucas are what make these movies no good.
Becky has spoken.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Music that I need

Well, ever since Natalie got Bear Share, I have been trying to think of music that I want, so I decided to post it.
I want:
Finger 11, Lincoln Park, Damien Rice, Modest Mouse, Jack Johnson, Numa Numa song, The Calling, Michael Buble, Radio Head, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins (selected songs), Cake, Hilary Duff(Shut up!), Whedonverse mix, Cold Play Scientist, Michelle Branch, Remy Zero, Vanessa Carlton, Switchfoot, Bowling for Soup, Greenday (newest), Alanis Morissette, 3rd eye Blind, and Natalie Embrouglia(or however it is spelled).
That is all that I could think of right now, but I would really appreciate further suggestions in music choice. So, yell out some music that you think I should steal or I mean, get.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Joss freaking Whedon! Posted by Hello

Summer Glau. She looks so pretty when she is not River. Posted by Hello

Joss Freaking Whedon and Serenity

Okay! I have returned from Vegas, finally! Or I returned two days ago and was just too lazy to post before this point. On to the movie review. (spoiler free)
Well! After getting lost only a little, Natalie found Vegas and the Palms where the movie was playing. Although we were an hour and a half early, the line for the movie had already grown. We got in line and waited and talked with other Browncoats and got free Serenity buttons and keychains while I called the credit card company and changed my account because I, being the genius that I am, lost my credit card on the trip down. Anyway... a camera crew soon arrived and began filming and interviewing the fans in line. Nat and I were not interviewed, but we were in the background of one interview, so I think that that counts for something at least. One guy had a Jayne hat and that was just fan tabulous! Or a word that isn't lame. We were led into the theater about a half hour before, and searched for video equipment as we went in. I am sad to inform you all that Natalie lost her sharpie in that search. It was tragic!
Once in the theater, we were surrounded by people who were as much of freaks as we were. We met some people who had been on set during filming and I was jealous a lot. They had pictures.
About three minutes before the movie started, we noticed the camera crew filming the entrance to the theater. This intrigued us because 'what were they filming?' After a little suspense, Joss Whedon and Summer Glau walked into our theater! Joss freaking Whedon, the writer/director of our movie was in the theater with us. Shocked! All I could do was stand there with my mouth wide open while pointing frantically and trying to clap. I'm sure it was an amusing picture. Joss is shorter than I first thought, but just as handsome as I expected. He went to the front of the theater and said a few words, which for the life of me I can't remember, but I blame it on the shock. Summer said hello too. Joss actually introduced himself as he was about to come onto the big screen for his video introduction of the movie. He moved to the entry way of the theater again and all eyes followed him. Once noticing this, he ducked down behind the wall and then peaked out in a Jossesque antic fashion. That guy cracks me up.
We then saw big Joss as he introduced the screening. Unfortunately the intro was for the screening only, so for all you losers who are seeing the movie in September, you probably won't see it until it hits DVD. But I will give you a blurb from what I remember. Joss said that Firefly was the basis of the movie 'Serenity' and that Firefly was revered as the most cancelled show ever by many. And that cancelled shows don't get made into movies, but because of the devotion of the fans and Universals belief in Joss, they were able to make a movie. Joss incouraged us to tell everyone we know about the movie if we liked it, but that if we didn't like it, then it was a quite time for us. Joss and Summer, I believe, watched the movie with us fans and that was intimidating and exciting. I mean, how often is it that a group of fans gets to watch a movie with the writer/directer and the female star sitting right there. I only hope that our reactions were what they expected.
The movie started, the picture was somewhat grainy and the sound was a little off, but the storyline was exciting and moved along the entire time. There wasn't a time during the movie that I wasn't entranced with what was happening. Joss in typical Joss fashion, takes the viewer with him, into his world and allows the audience to be involved in the storyline. I laughed, I cried, it was the best movie I have seen all year. (Yes baby, I liked it even more than Phantom, but I am slightly biased)
When the movie finished, I believe that we cheered, but it is difficult to say because I was crying like a very tall baby. But I cry at just about every movie, so that is nothing new. They set up tables and announced that Joss and Summer would be signing autographs. Freaked I was! I mean, I spend hundreds of dollars on going to Buffy Conventions and more money on buying autographs from the stars and here I was, in the presence of Joss Whedon and I was going to get his autograph without having to pay anything except the $10 I paid to get into the movie. I was happy and disgruntled. But mostly just happy. Nat and I got Summer autograph first on a little Serenity flyer/memorabilia type thing and I told Summer that she kicked but in the movie and she said that it was fun. Then Nat asked for a picture with Joss and she stood by him, but I didn't know how to work her camera phone, so it didn't work and we started freaking out and Joss told us, "It's okay guys, don't stress out." Which you would think it would be embarrassing, but it was more like, "Joss Whedon is speaking to us! *drool*" So then we had to move away from the table after Nat got a quick shot of just Joss on her phone and I yelled at him for something that he did in the movie that I was not happy with because, of course, when I am seeing the man that I idolize, I yell at him like a big freak. But Joss made a joke and said that it was Summer's idea to do the thing that I was mad about and that he wanted to go another way, but Summer insisted. That Joss is a riot!
Well, we promptly left the theater after that because we were in states of shock and were not thinking. We should have stayed, but we are dumb.
And that was it, the movie screening was great and I now miss Vegas and revere it as the city that I met Joss Whedon in. It was a good night.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The month of May has Mother's Day, Memorial Day, and Faith! Here is the May calendar. Not that anyone looks at it or cares, but here it is all the same. Pretend to enjoy! Posted by Hello

There it is then. Mine is a sad imitation. Probably because she is computer graphics and colorfied. Alas. Posted by Hello

This is Ashe. I drew her in my free time at work and I didn't make up the design, I stole it from the upcoming videogame Final Fantasy XII. But I kinda hate FF because there is no official release date yet for the game and I'm dying over here. I'm just saying. If you want to see the real pic. Then I will post it. Posted by Hello