Friday, March 07, 2008

Editing Books

So, I'm editing this novel for this guy at my work. He is paying me a little money to complete it because I am taking so dang long to finish it. It is one of those books that seems to be in its first stages, so there is a lot of editing to do. Anyway, this is taking up most of my free time lately as I am trying to meet my deadline. But, I was thinking that I could probably start my own little editing business. I am really good at editing and the majority of the time, I like it. So, I was thinking that I could start a side business for a little extra money.

My friends often ask me to edit their stuff creative writing and their school writing for them. I've edited a novel before and I thought that I did good job at leaving comments and such. So, I was thinking that I should start charging. I'm not really sure what a good rate for editing is, so I'm thinking that I'm going to do some research on the internet and come up with something.

Then, I'm thinking that I could start like a webpage or something and advertise myself so that I could get a little work. I know that some of my blog readers know a thing or two about starting their own business and marketing themselves, and so, I am asking for guidance.