Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Excuse me while I vomit

Being sick is sucktastic. Nothing else to report. Carry on with your lives.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Celebrate good times

I'm happy to announce that indeed my favorite shows will be back next season. It has been reported that Gilmore Girls, Smallville, One Tree Hill and Veronica Mars will all be back for another season! Additionally, Scrubs will be back not for the fall line up, but later in the season next year. And Battlestar Galactica is coming back. This makes me a happy girl like person.
I enjoy television and I'm glad that none of my shows were cancelled this year. One more year of mind numbing, time wasting, entertaining maddness!
I give you permission to celebrate with me.

Friday, May 12, 2006

Once Upon A Dream

In celebration of my determination to read 30 books this summer, I'm asking for recomendations of books. I have about 16 books that are borrowed or bought that are waiting for me to read, but I am lacking about 14 books. So, I call for titles. If you know of any books, preferably in the Sci Fi and Fantasy genre, that are good and reading worthy, please share.

Additionally, I've begun watching Lost and 24, and I find them to be interesting shows. 24 has a suspensful "What's going to go wrong next?" feel to it. Lost has a "There's a mystery on this island and I don't know what it is!" feel to it. They are both interestign and I highly recomend them.

And, seeing as how Mother's Day is coming up and I still have not bought my gift, feel free to mention any Motherly gift ideas. Or, if you have bought your mother a fantastic gift, feel free to gloat that you have a gift and I don't "nah nah nah nah nah nah."

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Do Fries Come With That Shake?

I'm sick this week. Or, rather, I have been sick this week and I seem to be continuing with my sickness. And it just figures that the week I am sick, everybody wants to be my friend. I got all sorts of invites to go and play and do things this week, but I have had to turn them down because of my not feeling good.
Luckily, today I am feeling a little better. Not completely better, but a little. I see recovery on the close horizon. If horizons could be close that is.
On a completely unrelated note, I want to make a list of things to do this summer. I'm tired of just thinking that I will be working and doing school this summer, hence the list.
I want to:
-watch lots of movies (including X3 and Superman)
-read 30 books (the books don't matter, but the count does)
-Go on a picnic
-Play ultimate frisbee
-See someone famous
-Get my free pair of shoes at Forever Young
-Do something I haven't done before

Okay, this is all I could come up with right now. If you have more suggestions as to what I should do this summer, feel free to chime in.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Better Off (edited)

I'm better off everyday
When i'm standing in the pouring rain, I dont mind
I think of you and everythings alright
I used to think I had it good
But now I know that I misunderstood
Without you I'd say, I'm better off in every way

Things are finally, finally lookin' up
My feet are on the ground
Even though I'm stuck

I'm better off in every way
I'm better off today
The sky is falling
And it's early in the morning
But it's ok

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Advent Children

I saw Advent Children last night and it was flipping awesome. It was fight scene after fight scene of impossible moves that just looked awesome.
I was very impressed by the graphics in the film, I thought that they were excellent. The plot line was somewhat muddled, but that was only because it was filled with fight scene after fight scene. But the plot didnt' matter because the action was amazing.
It was nice to see all the characters of one of the best Final Fantasies all decked out in better CG.
In conclusion, I liked it and I would definitely see it again. Maybe not 100 million times like Justin, but at least 3 to 4 times.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Is it Graduation Day Yet?

I saw Mike graduate last week. He did the thing where you walk across the stage and shake a bunch of hands and grab the diploma. It was very, very boring, yet I was proud. My brother is a college graduate and that is pretty fricking cool.
Yet, I'm jealous because I have not yet graduated. It is forever away, that graduation thing. Well, really it is August 17th, but it feels like forever away. And, with only three classes left I feel like it will never end. School has been my life for four years, four agonizing and fun filled years. What will I do once it is over? It is difficult to say, most likely work at my same job some more. But I just can't wait until it is over because I will then be able to say, "I did it. I graduated." As Marie is so fond of saying pretty much anytime she gets the chance.
Well, until that day where I have to sit through a two hour ceremony in an unflattering hat, I guess I will have to just praise Mike.