Sunday, October 08, 2006

Blog Off - Realities Collide

Spike, Tifa, Rikku, and Squall (A Character from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and three Final Fantasy games respectively) were adventuring through the forest. Spike and Rikku were bickering as usual and Squall was in his 'Whatever' mood. That's when they heard a 'tapping' noise like one heard in Metal Gear Solid.

The group ran toward the sound and found Wolverine from X-Men Comics and Solid Snake from the Metal Gear series guarding a hatch which resembled that depicted on the popular TV series Lost. They noticed the two men guarding the hatch were 'Questgivers' like those on World of Warcraft and proceeded to enter the hatch. Once inside they decided to take some R&R and read some books and watch Gilmore Girls.

Just then, Dr. Cox from the hilariously funny sitcom Scrubs arrived complaining at the Heroes about their rude arrival and apparent quest to kill all the bunnies. The team set off into the corridors of the hatch where they heard the voice of the narrator, but ended up slaughtering a vile rabbit with Balefire as depicted by the One Power in Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time book series. The group began to bicker about XP and looting options when the producers called and cancelled the blog and thus the team dispersed.


Redurb said...

Ok, first, I'm rusty at HTML so I cheated with the formatting so I could hide some Easter Eggs in the content Homestarrunner style.

Go find them. Some are amusing.

Second: FIRST TO POST! Maybe I can pull in those who are snap judgement voters.

Third: I'd like to give credit to the following.


Joss Whedon

Creators of LOST

Creators of SCRUBS

Creators of Heros


Creaters of Metal Gear

Monty Python

Redurb said...

Oh, and I suggest opening the links in a NEW WINDOW. Right-click in it and open in new window. Of course if you red through it all without finding the links and are just going back for them, then it doesn't matter as much.


Sarah said...

Interesting...though the easter eggs were enjoyable, I kind of tired of having to go and look at them...and of having to highlight the whole thing. In the end though I must say that it was an interesting mixture of genres I, for the most part, love. Your Spike was a little off though. I'll have to see the other posts before I make a final decision, brownie points for being first and working incredibly hard on it. Kudos eh.

Marie said...

Too long Clanky, too long!

Marie said...

Very creative though.

(Check the time difference in my posts to see how long it took me to read it. I'm a slow reader....and I had to take a potty break during the reading.)

Justin said...

BLARG!! I liked it, though I'm going to have to wait until next weekend to take the time to look for the Easter Eggs...and probably that long before I make my Blog-Off thing too.

Anyway...yeah, I'll vote later :P

Becky said...

Spike doesn't brood, Angel broods. But interesting characterization and excellent depiction of Dr. Cox. I give you kudos! But it was too long and there were just a few too many links! (Which I only say because I don't know how to create links)

Redurb said...
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Justin said...

Becky, as a contestant (and defending champion of this blog) you can't vote on the entries. :P

Redurb said...

Due to an overwhelming attack at its length I am moving my story and posting here a boring, abbreviated version. You can see the long version at MY BLOG on MySpace if you really want to.

Becky said...

I think that I like the abreviated version much better, though it lacks character.