Friday, May 18, 2012

Bad Picture Babes

Usually, Dan is a really good picture taker. He usually loves to pose for the camera and get a good pic. But, lately, he has been giving me Nicoley face. Nicole is notoriously bad at taking pictures and Dan is replicated her bad camera faces.

Sigh. I would rather get good pics all the time, but it isn't to be.

Here are a couple samples of bad Dan pics.


Sarah said...

I actually kind of like the one with the sippy. He looks like he's drunk off the sippy beverages.

Marie said...

Yeah, Dan still looks kinda cute in his bad pictures. Nicole tends to look stoned, but Dan looks happy drunk.

Laura said...

I think he just looks a little tired that day. You can't always look peppy and alert. Actually he looks like I feel most days. That's my boy!