Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Ten Year Reunion

This year is my ten year reunion for my high school. The people planning my ten year reunion are all childless. Some are still single; some are married without children, but the whole group of them are childless. It is kinda funny that all the officers from my graduating class are still childless ten years later. You would think that one of them would have children, but no, they don't.

Anyway, they are planning the event and using a Facebook group to make announcements about the reunion, which also allows everyone in the graduating class to talk to each other. So far, it sounds like the reunion is going to be fairly lame. They are having it at the school, the entertainment is a band member from the graduating class, and the food is being ordered from Burger Supreme. Lame.

So, one of the graduating classmates suggested that we change it to a park where everyone can bring their kids and we can play outdoor games and such. This was quickly nixed with vehemence. All the people planning it insisted that people did not want kids there. (i.e. THEY don't want kids there.) People without kids have no understanding of people with kids. 

People WITH kids want to show off their children to their former classmates and old friends because parents are so stinking proud of their children. People without kids see complications. If kids are there, then they won't be able to spend time with their former classmates, which is true, it would make it a little harder to mingle, but as a parent, I would love to meet my old friend's kids. I do see the complications that kids would present at an event like this, so I'm thinking that those of us who have kids and are still in touch should just have our own sub party some time where we all gather, with kids to show them off.

I'm hoping that the people planning the reunion get their stuff together and make it better than lame. I don't know how reunions usually go because I have only been to one. I was invited as a date to a 5 year reunion of the class that graduated the year before me. It was a LOT of fun. It was at the provo library in a ballroom and there was fancy food, entertainment by the old drama students, and a slide show. It was a lot of fun, so I guess I have high expectations.


Marie said...

My 10 year reunion was at the country club in Provo and it was $30 a person. I didn't go, but kids weren't invited either. But I think they held a pre-party at a park. That is really weird that none of the officers have kids yet. Guess they aren't as cool as they think.

Sarah said...

My five year reunion is coming up in August. The Facebook page is soooo annoying because it alerts me every time anyone posts anything, and usually only obnoxious dufus's are posting "When is it, where is it? Let's do a campout!" A campout? Seriously? You think I would ever spend overnight with you pathetic people? The only thing tempting me to go is that the majority of my high school class was pretty much the cast of every reality show combined. Live entertainment? Please, and thank you. Anyhoo, I think most of the people who have kids from my class had them out of wedlock, so I'm sure they want to ditch their kiddos so they can have a night out to make #2 or #3.

Nate and Annah Butterfield said...

They just created a FB group to plan my 10 year reunion. They mentioned kids for a second, but they're mostly debating how much people are willing to pay and if they should have an open or cash bar. Most are leaning towards $100 per person and an open bar. I don't think I could/would pay that kind of money for a reunion, especially when most of the money is for boos, but it would make for some good entertainment!!

Krista said...

The people with out kids are dumb. I would feel the same way as you if it were my reunion and I had kids. I would totally want to show them off! It would be a blast to watch my friends kids play with my kids (talking about a future with kids)... I agree, that sounds lame... at the school?! A park would be way more fun!!!

Jasmine said...

I'm with you. I'm actually kind of sick about people complaining how "expensive" the tickets are and couldn't we do something cheaper. It's $25, people! I understand that you may not spend that on a typical date night, but this isn't your typical date night. Not to mention that $25/person is REALLY cheap for most other reunions I've been hearing about from friends. One of my friends in California said she had to buy her tickets (at $55/person) before a certain date or the price was going up (to $75/person). It's just typical Utah culture -- no one wants to pay anything for anything.

And the whole no-kids thing is lame.

Oh, and I think they're going with something nicer than Burger Supreme now, but still. Lame.

And I'm not even going.

Jasmine said...

Oh, and the location? Yeah, that rocks cuz who doesn't want to go back and hang out in their old high school?!? I know I do! (blech.)