Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sun Shade

Our backyard does not have any shade. We don't have trees that shade the yard and the kids want to be outside everyday! They love being outside and playing in the yard and we are constantly slathering them up with sunblock. And, as it gets hotter, it is just blazing hot to be sitting outside in the yard.

So, Matt came up with the idea for building a sun sail just outside the back porch.

It is a pretty simple concept. Four posts, cemented into the ground and a sail that is tethered to each post.

 To posts are high and two posts are low, so when you look at the sail, it kinda looks like a triangle, but it is really a square.

 And now we finally have shade in the backyard all day long!

 It isn't waterproof, but we don't really see ourselves being outside in the rain anyway, so it just shades us from the sun. The kids love the shade, but I think that I love it a little more than the kids do.

It didn't take Matt too long to build and because we did it ourselves, it wasn't too expensive either. Much cheaper than buying a gazebo or canopy that you just assemble.

Nicole was obsessed with the ladder. She kept trying to climb the ladder and help daddy when he was putting up the sail. She is getting more adventurous all the time.


Laura said...

You are so lucky to have shade in your back yard. All I have is grass and sage brush. Enjoy!

Jasmine said...

That. Is. Awesome!

Dom said...

Hi Its been a year since you posted this, I wanted to know how the sail shade is holdin up and if the posts have had any warping or any other issues. I only ask because i am adding sail shades to my deck and was curious to strength. Thanks!

KATT Mac said...

Love it! can I ask what Shade Sail you bought??