Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Books Books Books

So, I was inspired by my sister Sarah's post and I decided to do some reviews on books that I have read lately.

I'm rating these on a scale of 5.
5=Awesome, read now.
4= A good read
3= An average read
2= Didn't enjoy it
1= Bad book! Don't read.

The Savage Grace is the third book in the Divine Series by Bree Despain. Bree is a local Utah writer and this is her third book published.

This book is about Grace Divine, who is a werewolf. She battles the demons of the world and tries to contain her inner wolf.

Rating: 4
I really enjoyed this book. It was just as good as the first book in the series, The Dark Divine. I like how she writes Grace; she is very different from many other heroine's who are annoying and unlikable. I like how she writes the romance in the story. It is exciting and dramatic and interesting to read. If you like fantasy/teenage dramas, be sure to check it out.

This is the first book in the Glass series, but is a continuation of the Poison Study series by Maria Snyder. If you haven't read Poison Study, this book will be confusing. I read it many years ago and don't remember much of the series and I was a little lost at times.

This book is about Opal, a 20 year old glass maker who is also a magician. Her magic is centered around her glass making and she is still trying to find confidence in her work. She goes on adventures as a new magician's apprentice and solves problems for the storm catchers who harvest energy of storms within glass globes.

Rating: 4
I really enjoyed the plots and characters in this book. Snyder is really good at describing scenes and developing complicated plots and her characters are really likable. One thing I don't like about her writing, she is really bad a writing romance. It definitely falls flat if you are looking for a romance novel.

This book is the first book in a series of three sci fi books. I read all three, but I'm only going to tell you about this first one.

This book follows Thomas as he wakes up in an unknown place, with people he doesn't know and no memory of his past. He discovers he is being held captive with many other boys his age in a maze. The boys run the maze every day, hoping to find a way out someday.

Rating: 5
This book was a mystery/puzzle that is thrilling and compelling. I couldn't put it down once I got into it and I blazed through this book. The other books in the series are not as good as this first book, but they each present Thomas with a puzzle that he is challenged to solve. These books are all about the puzzles, not about the romance. If you want romance, don't read these novels.

This book is the first in a series of books that are not yet completed.

This book follows a girl who grew up in two worlds. One of her worlds is living alone in Europe and attending private school while her other world is a world of monsters, magic and wishes. She tries to discover more about the world of wishes and her own origins and doesn't like what she finds.

Rating: 4.5
I really liked this book. It was a story about angels and demons that I had never encountered before. It discussed facets of magic that I had never read in other books. It was definitely different from any fantasy book that I have read before. And it integrated our world with a world of magic really well without the typical coming of age involved. Also, it had a little romance which is always a good thing in my book. I definitely recommend this book to fantasy readers.

This book is the first in an incomplete fantasy series.

This book follows the life of Niki who sold her soul to the Everneath in a moment of weakness and only has 6 months left on earth with her family and friends before she is sucked back down to the underworld.

Rating: 4.5

This book was really interesting. It was a new twist on greek mythology and eternal life. Niki is an interesting (though somewhat depressing) character who is torn between the man she loves and the man that she sold her soul to. It is a mystery as to the details of her contract for selling her soul and I read it quickly trying to figure the whole thing out. It was riveting and an excellent read. If you like fantasy and romance, this is a good book.

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Marie said...

How do you guys have time to read so many books? I still haven't finished the first book in that series you gave me for my b-day. I guess if I read instead of watching tv I could probably finish it.