Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

I didn't take any pictures of Mother's day, so be disappointed up front. I wanted a low-key, not so busy mother's day this year and my husband was happy to oblige. We didn't go and visit our own mother's on mother's day, but opted to celebrate by ourselves this year since I am a mother and therefore get to choose what I do on mother's day.

We relaxed at home Sunday morning and Matt let me take a morning nap after getting up with the kids at 6:45am. Naps are so valuable, I can't even tell you how awesome it is to take a nap exactly when you feel sleepy instead of accidentally passing out on the couch while the kids are watching sesame street.

We went to church and mother's got truffle candy bars from the ward. The truffle was 27 grams of fat, and 300 calories, so I took one bite to taste and shared the rest with Matt. The kids were not awesome at church (they don't know what mother's day is) but Matt did take Dan with him to primary so that I could enjoy my classes baby free! I am usually in the hall with Dan during church because he is a walking walker and all over the place.

We came home from church and I got to play with the kids while Matt cooked us all delicious pizza. He made a pepperoni and olive, a chicken supreme and our signature zucchini pizza. They were so delicious! Pizza is definitely a treat in our house and my favorite food. I totally over ate and had like six pieces of that awesome pizza.

For my gift this year, Matt is organizing the bathroom. It is a work in progress because it is very disorganized, but he bought some drawers to put on the shelves to organize all the stuff that we have in there. I love the shelves in the bathroom that Matt made for me three years ago, but it is hard to keep a lot of little bottles and things organized on a shelf; drawers are definitely needed.

It was a good mother's day, without too much drama. I'm one happy lady.


Marie said...

Sounds like a nice, relaxing day. I always hated mother's day growing up because mom would always get mad at us for some reason. I discovered why just recently on a comment she made on either yours or Sarah's blog. She said that she expected to get a break from being a mom on mother's day, but it never worked out that way and so she would get mad.

After church yesterday we saw a little brother and sister walking together and they said that they were walking home so their mom didn't have to see them. Maybe their mom feels the same way our mom did. Kinda funny.

Sarah said...

Ha ha ha ha! Marie's comment is really funny. Must have been a comment on Becky's blog, or maybe I just don't remember it. It's nice to get a break from mom duties, but I still wanted to spend time with Jack. Of course, he's one kid, not seven, and I have Mark when Mom didn't have someone to lend a hand. Drama free and relaxing Mother's Day is probably the best thing a Mom could get.