Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Mother's Day Gift

This is the first year that I got to celebrate Mother's Day. It is a little surreal. I often don't think of myself as a mother. Matt came up with the perfect gift for me though. He built me a linen closet. It is an open shelf linen closet in our bathroom. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a before picture. But, there was just a closed wall next to the vanity in our bathroom and Matt punched holes in the wall to see if there was empty space in there where he could build shelves. Luckily, there was!

Here are the shelves in phase three. It was an open hole for a while and Matt had to frame and drywall the shelves. He is all amazing and stuff.
Here's my man hard at work. It took him only a week to build the shelves, he was determined to finish before mother's day.
Stage four, with the boards up, but pre paint.
Matt also fixed some spots on the wall in the hallway.
Completed shelves! We kept them open so that it would have that "spa" look. I ruined the look with putting a bunch of stuff on the shelves.
I have top and bottom shelves. I forgot to rotate the pic.
Here's me with my new shelves! I had a great mother's day! We relaxed, went and saw my mom and came home and bathed Nicoley. It was a good day.
In other news, here are my latest pictures of Nicole. Here she is sleeping on the bed. I thought she looked so cute with her hands clasped like that.
This pic os from Mother's day. Coley O was smiling for me. It is rare when she smiles, but Matt was able to snap the pic because she didn't see the camera. When shse sees the camera, she usually stops smiling and looks confused.
This is Oley O just hangin' with Mommy during the day. She often gives me this look. I don't know what it means.


Sarah said...

I think she gives everyone that look. She's sizing you up...seeing if you're gonna take care of her or if you're an alien species. At least...that's my theory.

Jenni Elyse said...

The shelves look very nice! I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day. I think the first one would be very surreal, especially since it's so soon after Nicole was born.

I love her "O" face. She's very cute!

Jasmine said...

That's an awesome mother's day present!

Baby smiles are the best!

Nate and Annah Butterfield said...

Ooo! Shelves! Shelves are always good.

Marie said...

Those shelves are AWESOME! There's tons of space for stuff now! I hate it when builders just waste space like that. Luckily your man knows how to take care of that!

Laura said...

Cool shelves! Isn't wonderful having a "handy" man. I'm glad that you had a great Mother's Day. I love the pics of our little Nicoley.