Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Where Have I Been

I am sure you are all asking yourselves, "Where is Becky? She hasn't written in a week." Because you all just live to read posts on my blog I am sure. Well, just when I was feeling better last week, I got sick all over again. I don't think it was a relapse because I had entirely new symptoms. I think I caught an entirely new cold which was less than fun and left me not wanting to blog... or work... or play.

My weekend holiday was spent mostly at home resting and trying to feel better and caring for sick and teething children. Luckily, Matt started feeling better on Friday and got the fun job of taking care of all of us.

I did venture out on Saturday to go to my parent's house for my Grandma Moses's big move. My Grandma Moses (my mom's mom) moved in with my mom last weekend. I think it is a little funny (because I'm still a young mom) that as a mother, you take care of your children and their every need when they are little and then, when you yourself get old, your children get to return the favor by taking care of you.

But, I sincerely hope that I am like my Nana (great grandma) who took care of herself until she died in her 80's. She was a very self sufficient woman even though she lived with us when she got old.

So, we went to my parent's on Saturday for moving stuff and then eating food and then we went back home again because I was feeling crummy.

We ventured out on Monday to Momma Kimball's for a BBQ and that was lots of fun. Alas that my camera ran out of batteries and I did not get pictures of the event. But, Nicole and Dan had a blast playing with other kids after a week of being cooped up in our house with no friends to play with. They played themselves ragged and crashed last night.

Today, I am finally back at work and feeling significantly better. I am hoping that the whole family will be cough and runny nose free by the end of the week. And I should probably charge my camera battery.


Marie said...

You should probably be done getting sick now. Being sick is lame.

Sarah said...

I'm always asking myself where you are. Becky, Becky?! Oh, right..Utah. Feel better, schnell!