Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Baby Basket

When I was a little girl, my Mom always called laundry baskets, "baby baskets." And, I always thought that that was a real name for the laundry basket. And this maybe was naive, but I went on believing this my whole life. Until Matt heard me call it a baby basket and corrected me. And then I learned the my Mom had made this name up and I had been led astray my whole life.

Why did she call it a baby basket? For the very reason that you are seeing here. Me and my six siblings would sit in the laundry basket, play in the laundry basket and thus, it became a "baby basket."

Dan and Nicole fight over an empty basket all the time. Once they find one, they both want to get in it, they both want to play with it and they do not like sharing. So, when Dan got in the basket, so did Nicoley and then they were actually friends for like three seconds before they started crying about not having enough room.

And since my kids play with the laundry basket, just like I did as a kid, I will continue the tradition of calling this a "baby basket."


Annette said...

It's fun to take a peek into your life with your adorable family. You and Matt are such a cute couple and are wonderful parents. You will be so glad that you are documenting the everyday thing with the kids. It goes so quickly!

Sarah said...

Mark always gives me super weird looks when I call it that, but that's what it always was!Also, farts are barks.

Marie said...

I forgot that mom called it that. When I went to college I started calling it a laundry basket because I realized that that's what it was.

Laura said...

Would I ever lead you astray? Of course it is a baby basket! What spends more time in it? Dirty/clean clothes or babies? I rest my case. :)