Sunday, May 16, 2010

She's Got Those Teeth

Coley decided to be the odd baby who gets teeth all at once rather than getting them one at a time over many months. Since her first birthday, she has grown 8 new teeth, four on top and four on bottom.

I am glad that many of them are finally in, but it has been a tear filled ride. I always feel so bad for her when her mouth hurts. I especially feel bad when I give her some crunchy cereal and she cries while she eats it. My poor little one.

Unfortunately, with teeth comes biting. It is good when she learns to bite her food and chew her food, but it is a bad when she wants to bite Mommy. I know that she is just trying to figure out what it feels like and she doesn't yet know that it hurts me (like her pinches and her scratches), but I really wish that I could find a good way to communicate to her that hurting Mommy is not fun.

Hopefully, the worst of the teeth is over for her. We shall see.


Nate and Annah Butterfield said...

Emily was a biter and Mama tried everything to cure her of it. What finally worked was one day Emily was playing with another biter and they decided to bite the crap out of each other and not let go. They were sitting on the floor staring at each other, each with the others arm in their mouths, then they just let go and neither of them ever bit again.

Marie said...

So there ya go...just bite the crap out of Nicoley and then that'll learn her!