Monday, March 28, 2011

Baby Shower!

Momma Kimball and Anne threw me a baby shower on Saturday and it was awesome! Momma Kimball is so creative and made everything look great and taste great. It was a lot of fun!

Kristy decorated this cake for the shower. It turned out so cute! Yummy too.

Super cute M&Ms and truffles with "It's a boy!" on them.

These were a party favor. They are bags of popcorn. Momma Kimball is so creative!

Nicole thinks that this is smiling. She was wild over the M&Ms at the party. She kept asking for more and more.

Nicole also loves the balloons. She is still dragging them around the house. I'm tempted to just pop them and be done because they are driving me crazy!

Momma Kimball and Anne made a bunch of brunch food for the shower. We had yummy quiche, banana bread (made by DJ), Blueberry muffins (Anne), Fruit, and cake. It was a delicious spread.
Nicole and Hailey. Nicole followed Hailey all around the party. They are good friends.

My Marie.

Anne and her baby Olivia.

Olivia is so stinking cute!

Here is my Sarah, and a very pregnant shot of me in the background. Ugh.

Okay, this is a little better of a picture. I look less pregnant.

Matt came home from school and crashed the party. Here he is with Momma Kimball.

Nicole playing.

A ton of people showed up, more than I thought would because this is baby number two, so I assumed that people would think, "What? She already had one baby and I gave her a gift already." But no, a lot of people came. I totally banked on presents for baby boy. Here are some pics of the presents I got. Try to look at the presents and not my pregnant face.

Sarah got me this shark towel and I love it! It is awesome.

I didn't think I would get a bumbo because they are a little more pricey, but I ended up getting two at the shower. Yay! Presents.

I love monster boy clothes!

My Mom got me my crib set and I love it! I wanted a turtle theme and now I have it. But don't take the bedding out of the package unless you never intend on putting it back in. How do they get it all in there?

I got a ton of really cute stuff and a lot of baby clothes, which is what I really needed since I've never had a boy before. Thanks to everyone who were good enough to come and give me presents!

My aunt Kathy, Ree, Sarah, and Hailey

Ree, Sarah, Hailey and Corinne

CarrieAnne, Anne, and Miranda

Momma Kimball and Chris Bacon
Momma Kimball made a game for the shower that everyone seemed to really enjoy. It was quite an interactive game. Momma Kimball passed out papers with celebrity heads on baby bodies. It was super funny. Everyone had to write down who the celebrity was. It got kinda crazy because things were not passed around in an organized fashion, but it was fun to watch. I had already previewed the game, so I didn't play, but I enjoyed watching all the ladies trying to remember the names of celebrities.

I believe that Erin, Jill, and Marie won the game getting all but a couple of the celebrities. Marie was kind enough to give up her prize because we only had two winner prizes. Way to take one for the team Ree.

For the record, I would have done awesome at the game if I had played. I knew all but 4 of the celebrities.

The whole event was awesome and Marie helped me sort baby clothes afterward. This is an essential part to the process. Deciding what to keep and what to return. Mostly, I was able to keep things because people bought clothes in the correct season. It is when the baby clothes are the wrong season that I have to do a lot of exchanges. Luckily, my guests are baby savvy and know this stuff.


Sarah said...

Yay! It was probably one of the best baby showers I have attended.

Jasmine said...

Looks like a fun shower! I'm glad you got a lot of stuff. Plus, it's just nice to know that people care about you and are excited for you and baby.

Also (and you may hate me for saying this) you ARE carrying low! No wonder you're always so uncomfortable! I'll keep my fingers crossed for an early(ish) arrival from the little guy. LOVE the name, by the way!

Marie said...

'Twas a good shower. Lots of fun, food and presents! And two Bumbos to boot.

Laura said...

Great baby shower, yeah! Good food, great family and friends, and wonderful gifts. What more could you ask?