Monday, March 21, 2011

Busy Weekend

This was a busy weekend at the Kimball household. Friday we had the Kimball clan over for pizza because Matt's Uncle Mike was in town. I had never met Uncle Mike before and I really liked him. I can definitely see the family resemblance between him and Mamma Kimball.

So, we had everyone over for homemade pizza because everyone loves our homemade pizza. Then, we went to the MOA to see the Carl Bloch exhibit. It was beautiful! I didn't realize how many of the recognizable paintings of Christ were done by him. Matt was good enough to procure a wheelchair for me and wheel me around the exhibit so that I didn't have to do extensive walking. Too much walking equals many contractions and an unhappy Becky.

On Saturday, we ran some errands with Uncle Mike and Momma Kimball, and then we went to visit Dad Kimball's grave. It is really nice to have the cemetery so close so that we can visit. My own Dad is in an urn somewhere in Washington with my step-mother, so I don't really get to visit him.

We had lunch at Mimi's Cafe with Momma Kimball, Uncle Mike, Aunt Francine, and Anne and the kids. Then, we headed home to rest. I like midday naps, they are the best.

Saturday night, Matt and I celebrated our 4 year anniversary. We decided to celebrate this weekend rather than on the actual date of our anniversary because this was the night we had a sitter and we could stay out later on a weekend. Norm and Miranda were kind enough to watch Nicole for us.

Matt planned our anniversary date and it was a recreation of our first date. It was not exactly the same as our first date, but it had similar aspects. We went to Tepanyaki (this is where Matt took me on our first date), but because we were dropping off Nicole in American Fork, we went to the Lehi location rather than trekking back to Provo. The food was super yummy, but I had forgotten how expensive it is. Matt was certainly trying to impress me on our first date with his money spending skills.

On our first date, Matt took me to Blockbuster after dinner and we picked out a movie, then we went to Albertson's and picked out snacks.  Then, Matt took us up to Rock Canyon park and we watched our movie on a blanket with a portable dvd player until the sprinklers came on and we retreated to his car to finish the movie. It was a very good first date.

But, seeing as I am enormously pregnant, and it was cold on Saturday, a movie in the park was not going to happen. So, we went and got our snacks at the grocery store formerly known as Albertson's, then we went to AF theaters and watched the Adjustment Bureau.

Even sitting through a movie in a theater was tough on me. Sitting for prolonged periods of time just does not work when I am this pregnant. So I had contractions during the movie and was very uncomfortable the second half, but I made it through! Thank goodness the armrests come up in those chairs because when I first sat down, I didn't really fit. The thing about carrying a baby low is that the baby is always resting on your legs and it is much more comfortable to keep my legs apart so the baby isn't smashing into my legs.

The movie was REALLY good. I would definitely recommend it. It is intriguing and exciting and it has a little romance. It is good for a girl and a boy. I haven't been to a movie in a while because Matt and I just don't go that often. It is cheaper to rent movies after they have left the theaters and it saves us from getting a baby sitter, so it was a lot of fun to go to the movies.

Anniversary night was definitely a success. And, Nicole was good for Miranda and Norm, which was a relief. Last year this time, I felt like I couldn't leave her with anyone because she was so stinkin' clingy and she cried for anyone who wasn't Matt and I. But, she has definitely mellowed out as she has gotten older.

On Sunday, Matt and I woke up feeling sick. We both had the aches and nausea. I'm feeling less achy today, but I'm not feeling great. But, I'm still back at work. Gotta make that money.

I miss the weekend already.


Marie said...

Weekends are the best. Midday naps are the best. Anniversaries are the best. Food is the best. Yep....that all makes for a good weekend! Good job sitting through a whole movie!

Laura said...

Glad you had a good anniversary celebration.

Annette said...

Happy anniversary! I am in Oregon babysitting for 10 days so I can't be at your shower. Natalie is bringing a gift from both of us. Wish I could be there.