Wednesday, March 02, 2011

33 Weeks

How is it that I don't remember this part of pregnancy? I think I must have just blocked out this last trimester because sometimes I think, "If it felt this awful last time, why did I decide to do this again?" I can only blame the evil plot of the babies.

Babies are all cute and make you love them and make you forget all that you went through to get them. Curse you cute, lovable babies! And, if you think it is just my own baby that does this, you are wrong! I see other people's babies and get baby hungry and say things like, "Ahhhh, I want another baby." Evil.

33 weeks is... well, painful. I feel like my belly is so heavy that it is trying to tear my muscles and my skin off with it's weight. My heartburn is just so much worse than it usually is. Usually, I can take my pepcid and I'm fine the whole day. Now, heartburn comes with avengence every time I recline my body.

Sleeping is a non-existent thing some nights and I'm exhausted from trying to sleep all night by the time I am getting up for work at 6am (I work at 7am). Not to mention that baby boy likes to squish my bladder, making me get up to use the bathroom 3-5 times a night. And, he thinks that night time is kick momma a lot time. (not kick momma Alot) It is very difficult to sleep when someone is jabbing your insides continually. Try it, it doesn't work.

Plus, I really miss my husband. We are playing tag team this semester. I go to work, then I go and pick up Nicole at the sitter's and Matt is at school until 8pm. Then, we all go to bed at 9:30pm because I'm pregnant and tired. I miss my husband.

Just a bad week this week. I am feeling a little discouraged. I would like to think that next week will be better... but it will probably be worse because this baby is only going to get bigger and I am only going to get more pregnant.


Adrianne Miller said...

Well you are amazing to be working. I couldn't do it. I have been up since 3:45 this morning. We should be playing board games or something together in the middle of the night. How many more kids do you think you will have? I am GREAT with having just two. Two it is.

Anthon said...

You do forget. I have already forgotten, but you are reminding me of all the horrible heartburn and the tortuous act of sleeping and the constant pain and don't forget no being able to breathe. Hmmmmm....maybe one is enough.

Sarah said...

It's definitely an evil plot. The babies are in cahoots, I'm sure of it.

Becky said...

I am thinking that I will most likely being doing this again someday. More than two children are in store for me. I must be crazy. But, I'm taking a break after this one. No more babies until I can stop working.

Laura said...

Just is all TEMPORARY. This too shall pass. Your sacrifice to bring little Daniel here is and will be appreciated. You are wonderful.