Wednesday, April 28, 2010


So, Miranda (my sister-in-law) watched Nicole for us a couple weeks ago so that we could go to the temple. Miranda was working in the kitchen and Nicole opted to hang with her rather than go and play with the kids (weird baby). I guess she got tired because Miranda found her like this on the kitchen floor.

We watched their kids the week after and they are just the easiest kids ever. The older girls play by themselves and the younger boys think everything is funny. Hailey (the second girl, 6 years old) has started playing a vampire game with her friend. She told me all about "Vampire World" and how she became a vampire recently. I think that maybe she has been watching too much Twilight. When I tried to tell her that Vampire World wasn't real, she vehemently insisted that it did. I remember playing pretend games when I was younger, I just can't get into the reality of it anymore. Strange how that leaves us.

One of the kids (cough Ben) broke Norm and Miranda's Wii by shoving three discs into it at once. Matt decided to see if he could fix it, but after 30 minutes of checking it out, we declared it dead. Ben was devistated. He kept saying, "It isn't broken, don't say that it is broken" in a half cry voice. Poor little guy really loves his video games.

I also remember getting emotional about video games when I was a kid. Mostly we would fight over them. Johnny would get so mad when he lost that he would throw the control at a wall, the ground, or one of us. I'm so glad that he is past that phase. We went through a lot of controllers. Marie would steal essential components of the nintendo so that we couldn't play when we fought over the game. At the time I thought she was really mean, now I realize how briliant she was.

I wonder how it will be when Nicole is older and can talk and pretend and fight. I bet I will be the less than cool Mom who does not understand. I remember telling my Mom that she played Barbies wrong when I was young. My Mom would tell me that she had just forgotten how to play. I most certainly have forgotten how to play. Weird.


Marie said...

It was only a few years ago that you were going to Comic Con to meet your favorite you should be able to understand Hailey a little better.

Ben broke the Wii?! Did Norm kill him when he got home?

Yes, I am brilliant. I don't like fighting. I turned off our kids' video game just the other day because they kept fighting and Avery kept crying about nothing.

Jenni Elyse said...

Those pictures are awesome! I love that kids can fall asleep anywhere.

I still remember how to play some things, but I've definitely forgotten a lot. I find it hard to interact with kids sometimes. It's so strange how we grow out of those phases.

Lisa D said...

How old is Ben again? For a kid who loves video games you'd think he would understand the Wii's disc capacity. There's $300 down the drain. At least they're not like Jake who has to buy a new DVD player every year because they wear it out :)

Laura said...

OK, here's the weird part. When I was a mom, I realized I had forgotten how to play (maybe it's the responsibility of parenthood that gives you a memory lapse), but now as a grandmother I find that I can really enjoy doing things with the grandkids like playing games, puzzles, etc. I guess it's another phase or circle of life. Now I'm going back to childlike ways. Weird.