Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break!

Okay, so I don't technically have a spring break because I am not in school, but it was my Mom's week off for spring break and I spent a lot of my week with her. *Warning, very long post*

On Monday, Nicole and I lounged around the house until Mom called and wanted to go to lunch with Grandma Moses. Mom and Grandma wanted to try something new, so I suggested El Gallo Giro (mexican grill). It was not a hit. Grandma ordered fish tacos and was shocked when the fish was fried. I thought that it was common knowledge that fish is always fried in fish tacos. Mom and Grandma criticized the refried beans and wouldn't stop saying that they didn't taste like Nana's beans and were not nearly as good as some other place they eat at. I've decided to NOT recommend new eating places to them.

Then we all headed over to Walmart and did grocery shopping together. This went okay except that Nicole likes to have meltdowns in stores and continually tries to jump out of the cart. I usually end up holding her while shopping. Sigh.

Wednesday! Nicole and I drove up to Miranda's and went with her and Mom to the Living Aquarium in Sandy. I did Nicole's hair in pigtails and it looked super cute, so I attempted to take a picture, but she decided it would be more fun to chug motrin (the cap is on).

And attack the camera.
Miranda's kids seemed to really love the aquarium and Hailey and Camille are such good helpers.
They kept trying to help with Nicole even though Nicole didn't want any help.
This is just another place that I can add to the list of "places Nicole hates to go." She did okay for the first 20 minutes or so, as long as Grandma was holding her, and then it was just meltdown after that. She absolutely refused to sit in the stroller. I don't know why I bother bringing it if she continues to refuse to sit in it.

Plus, she had an accident while we were there. I brought her into the bathroom to change her and just when I was switching between dirty and clean diapers, she pees all over the changing table thingy. And it puddles and gets all over her back and her hair. Yuck! So, I had to strip her down and try to clean things up. Luckily, I brought an extra outfit.

After the aquarium, we went to Carl's Junior for lunch. Nicole's hair did not survive the whole day and it ended up a little crazy. The kids seemed to really like the play place, but I did not send Nicole in. Maybe someday when she can walk and fend for herself, then I'll send her into those dirty play arenas. Coley had a blow out at lunch and it was on to outfit three, which did not include pants.

Then we went to the Fabric store to pick out fabric for a group project we sisters are doing. We are going to make cute aprons. So, we spent A LOT of time at the fabric store and finally got some fabric. Nicole was at the end of her rope and so was I by this time. Long outtings with small children are like two non mixy things.

Thursday! This was scrapbooking at Mom's house. I love to scrapbook, but I keep all my supplies at my Mom's because she and my sister-in-law Jill store all their stuff there and they have the best scrapbooking gadgets and doodads. I got there in the morning and sure enough, Nicole had blown out on the way up to Grandma's. Ugh. Everytime she poos while sitting in her carseat, it always goes up the back of the diaper, I don't know what it is about the carseat. Maybe I need to start duck taping the diaper to her back.

I started washing her clothes and got her into her extra pair that I always carry with me. Mom and I scrapbooked a little while Nicole played. But, I have found that my Mom cannot say "no" the grandkids. Everytime Nicole went over to Grandma and whined a little, she would pick her up. I repeatedly told her that she didn't have to pick her up, she was fine on the ground, but my Mom just doesn't have that ability. I remember her saying 'no' to us as kids all the time. It must be a grandchild super power that I have never encountered before.

Mom and I also made ice cream with their brand new ice cream machine. My Dad of course bought the machine and Mom is trying to get a lot of use out of it. It was actually kind of fun and very delicious ice cream.

I didn't get a lot of scrapbooking done until I put Nicole down for her nap. But, when she woke up, sure enough, she had blown out of her diaper again. Her clothes were not yet dry, so she had to go around in just a jacket and pants for a little while. We survived though.

Friday! Coley and I got to take Matt's sister Kristy to a dental surgery she was having done. I have found that waiting rooms and one year olds are non mixy. Nicole did okay for the first hour, but the surgery ended up taking two hours, so we had to go and take a drive for a little while so Nicole could nap. Poor Kristy was all swollen and in pain, so we took her back to our place and took care of her. I think she will be fine though.

Saturday! This was Camille's birthday and baptism. Matt and I baked a cake for her birthday and it turned out really well. White cake with strawberry frosting. Yum! We picked up Grandma Moses and headed off to the baptism. Nicole was surprisingly social at this event. Usually she is very much a Mamma's girl and won't leave my side, but she wanted to crawl down the isle and visit with my sisters and my mom. The baptism was wonderful! I'm so excited that my nieces and nephews are growing up so fast.

After the baptism we went to Norm and Rand's house. Nicoley crawled around and socialized. She also found the computer table and a little shelf that is just her size. She is so stinkin cute.
After the we headed home, Marie and Anthon came over and played video games with us. We put Nicole to bed and that made playing games a lot easier. Marie and I are not that good at Super Mario Brothers. When I went to check on Nicole after she fell asleep, I realized she had a poopy diaper. Now, I don't let my child sleep in a poopy diaper because the diaper rash is just to saddening. So, I changed her while she was alseep in her crib and she stayed asleep. I must be a super mom.

Sunday! Matt and I found subs for us in the nursery so that we could pick up DJ at the airport. I would have gone to nursery by myself with Nicole, but I am really not helpful when I have an armful of Nicoley. And, guess what happened on the way home from the airport... blow out. You now know WAY too much about my daughters diapers. We stopped to change her on the way home in hopes of avoiding a blowout situation, but we were too late. But, I always pack an extra change of clothes.

DJ hung out with us and we made pizza and played Aquire. It has been so long since I got to regularly play board games, I miss them so! Oh yeah, and did I mention that our dishwasher broke last weekend so I've been washing dishes by hand all week? We can't currently afford a new dishwasher, so I think I may be washing dishes by hand for a little while yet.

It was a good, fun filled week. It is rare that I have so many plans in a week and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


Marie said...

I think the name of this post should have been "Blow Out!"

Lauren said...

Wow. Sounds like a busy week! Nicole is looking adorable, as always. I LOVE her pigtails! Sorry to hear about all the blowouts, but your stories make me feel better about all the blowouts my Zoey has. :) I guess it's all just part of the joys of motherhood.

Lisa D said...

HA-HA! You and Matt are in the nursery :P

I now have a craving for cake.

Laura said...

You are looking at the half empty glass. At least you know that Coley isn't constipated! She is VERY VERY regular. That's a half full glass! OK, I won't say what it is half full of.