Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Easter Post

Happy Easter from Nicoley Bunny!

We had a very relaxing Easter this year. Not as relaxing as last year where I slept all day because I had just had a baby, but relaxing enough.

We had Matt's siblings over for brunch on Sunday morning. We made wheat waffles and three different kinds of syrup. This was my first foray into making my own syrup and it turned out fairly well. We made cinnamon, strawberry, and blueberry syrup and they were very delicious. (except I didn't try the blueberries cuz gross.) We enjoyed breakfast and watched conference together.

For lunch we made egg salad sandwiches which felt very eastery and yum. Then, right after second session we headed up to my parent house for dinner.

Nicoley in her Easter dress with eggs

My mom had set up an egg hunt for all the grandchildren. Nicole didn't really understand the concept of hunting for eggs. The other kids caught on and found all her eggs for her. Which made hunting for eggs a lot easier for me. She wasn't interested in the eggs or the basket, but she does like the m&ms that were inside. She is a little chocolate lover.

We ate dinner at my parents and then headed home. I was one tired mommy since I had woken up at 6am and hadn't had a nap. Thus ended our Easter of 2010.


Jenni Elyse said...

Nicole's Easter dress is really cute. I'm glad you had a good Easter.

Marie said...

You didn't tell me you had egg salad sandwiches! I have been wanting one of those! Or rather, the baby has been wanting one of those...I don't like eggs, but Jr. Jr. does.

Kelli said...

Coley's losing her baby fat! She's starting to look more like you too. I'm glad you had a good Easter. Love ya!

Annette said...

She is so adorable. The syrups sound wonderful. We love buttermilk syrup. If you haven't made that before, I'll give you the recipe!