Monday, March 29, 2010

She's One!

Even though her birthday isn't until tomorrow, we celebrated Nicole's first birthday this weekend. It was a very exclusive guest list of siblings and parents only (mine, not Nicole's). I attempted to make a lady bug cupcake cake. It didn't turn out like the picture I had, but it turned out good enough. I am still refining my decorating skills.

Nicole seemed to like the cupcakes well enough but she didn't want to get dirty at first. But, she got over it when she discovered how yummy the cupcake was.

Neither did she want to blow out her candle, but I helped her out and we made it in the end. It is funny, she wouldn't blow out the candle, but she will blow on her food before she takes a bite.

Nicole got a bunch of different gifts including summer clothes and a couple of toys.

She didn't grasp the concept of opening gifts, but her cousin Lucy (who is 1.5) was very eager to open gifts.

The following are pictures of some of our Nicoley celebrators.

Sarah and Mark
Anne and Carlitos
We played a couple of Nicoley games at the party. Meaning that I asked questions about Nicole (what words she knows, nicole nicknames, nicole songs) and the people who got the most right got snacks. My sisters won, not shockingly.

Overall, everything went really well and it was just a low key kinda party. When she gets older and actually knows what is going on, I imagine that the parties will be more crazy.

Grandma Chipman gave Nicole her Easter dress this year. And, since Easter falls on conference this year, she wore the dress yesterday. It was a little big, but she looked super cute!
Nicole's hair is getting so long that it has been fun to style it while she is in the bath.
Stats to come later in the week after we see the doctor.


Adrianne Miller said...

What a fast year. You have a very cute baby!

Jenni Elyse said...

looks like it was a fun party. I think the cupcake cake looks really good. I really like the picture of Nicole in the bath because of her facial expression. She's so cute!

Jasmine said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow, Nicole! She is such a cutie pie!

Sarah said...

Maybe if you had burned her with the candle a little she would have realized it was hot and blown it out. Ya know...kinda like how she learned to blow on food I'm sure. She's a cutie face.

Laura said...

Sweet baby girl! I can't believe it has been a year since she was born. Sure love her.

Marie said...

She looks so cute in her Easter dress!

Annette said...

She is looking cuter every day! And your ladybug cupcake/cake is adorable! Yeah Cupcakes!

Teresa Gashler said...

Happy birthday Nicole! That lady bug cake is darling, nice job!