Tuesday, March 02, 2010

11 Months

Well she is eleven months old and finally not sick *crosses fingers*. The month of February was a tough one as Nicoley or Me or Matt were sick almost the entire month. But, we survived, we made it.

I know I say this every month, but I can't believe how old she is. She is just a month shy of a year, but I still think of her as my little baby. Matt and I still refer to her as "the baby" even though I know she is nearing toddling age.

I know I didn't do a ten month post, so I will just have to group her accomplishments from the last two months.
Coley is crawling up a storm! She loves to crawl up the stairs. She doesn't know how to get down but if I take my eye off of her for a second it is most likely that she has crawled upstairs and is in the bathroom. I don't know why she likes the bathroom so much, but she crawls in there whenever I leave the door open. I don't get it. Walking has not yet occured, but she does walk while holding onto things and walks around from thing to thing. I have a feeling she will be a late walker just like she was a late crawler.

No teeth yet. I'm starting to think she will never get teeth. We thought for sure they were coming in this week because she was super whiny and waking up twice a night and oragel seemed to calm her, but no such luck. I need to just stop believing that the teeth are coming in and then perhaps they will appear.

Many of you know that Coley is allergic to milk. Well, pre stomach flu I had her on the soy formula. But, after a week of throwing up formula, she will no longer take it in any form. So, I switched gears and bought soy milk. I figured she was fairly close to the age to upgrade to milk, so I just did it. But, I add vitamin drops for nutrients. Also, I am a total cheater. To get her back on the bottle again, I resorted to putting ovaltine in her milk. Yes, I feed her chocolate milk. But, she is finally taking the bottle so that I can FINALLY ween her. I am very ready to be done nursing. I figure I will slowly reduce the amount of chocolate I put in her milk until she is just drinking the milk.

Nicole has gotten a few new words... or two rather. She still says Momma and Daddy, but she also says Oley Oley O, which is what we call her at home. It is super cute to get her to say her own name. She has also picked up "No." Which is not my favorite, but it was inevitable. She pretends she doesn't know what it means when I say it, but she has no problem saying it to me.

Nicole is as shy as ever. She still hates to going to strangers or members of the family that she doesn't know as well. She still just likes Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma. I am really hoping she grows out of this because sometimes I need a break and it would be nice if she would let others hold her. Ugh.

Nicole's favorite food is bread and cookies. She loves to eat little bits of bread and little bits of cookie and is always crying for it. She cries about pretty much everything now and I have to guess what it is that she wants. There has to be a better system.

Even though I don't want my little baby to grow up, I love to watch it.


Marie said...

Little cry-face Oley O. She let me hold her for about 10 minutes last time I was at your house. I think that is a record.

Jenni Elyse said...

I really like the second picture. She's super cute! You should try to teach her sign language. Then, you can communicate that way.

Rebecca Susan said...

She is so cute!! I'm glad that she's healthy again--sick babies are no fun, especially when Mommy's sick, too.
Shy babies can be a challenge, because they rely on you so much, but its also kind of fun to have someone who thinks you're that important :)

Lauren said...

I'm glad you're all better now. Hopefully it will last. Nicole is as cute as ever! It's crazy how fast they grow up.

Sarah said...

Little cry face. I think she's willing the teeth to never break the surface.

Nate and Annah Butterfield said...

She'll always be your baby. Maybe not the toothless, cuddly, little armful of kissable cuteness, but your baby all the same. It really is exciting and a little sad to watch them grow up. Have you ever watched Mamma Mia or just listened to the Abba song called Slipping Through My Fingers? Yeah. Sometimes it makes me cry. (Don't tell. That was a secret.)

Jasmine said...

The teeth will come. I've heard that late teethers often get their teeth all together in bunches really fast. Good luck!

Laura said...

That's my little peanut butter girl. I hate to say it (alright, not really) but I'm glad she loves her grandma too. Don't worry, Sarah wouldn't go to many people either when she was a baby and look how outgoing she is now. Coley will grow out of a lot of things with time.