Thursday, March 04, 2010

Drama in Farm Country

Yesterday, Nicole and I went to Farm Country at Thanksgiving Point with Anne and the kids. It was not a warm day and it was fairly windy, but we bundled up and went.

Nicole is not a fan of the cold. She is definitely a girl who likes to be warm and loves to have her blanket with her at all times.

Little Lucy and Carlitos love Farm Country apparently, but Nicole was not so much a fan. She was fine at first just sitting in the stroller, but then we went over to the ponies for a pony ride. Dun dun dun.
Ah yes, there it is, the dreaded, docile, attached to a circle pony.
I put Nicoley on the pony and was still holding on to her, but she screamed like someone was torturing her. I walked her around the circle a couple of times hoping that she would get used to it, but it only made her scream louder. So, I pulled her off the pony and put her on my hip while we watched Carlitos and Lucy enjoy their pony ride.

While standing there, I felt my side slowly start to get wet. I took Nicole over to a bench and set her down and sure enough, she had blown out of her diaper onto me and onto herself. I proceeded to clean her up right there on the bench, but it was everywhere and I only had two wipes. Luckily, Anne came prepared with more wipes. Nicole was screaming and crying and she hated the whole ordeal because no one likes to get their diaper changed outside and then get totally stripped down and redressed. I always carry an extra onsie for just such occasions, but I didn't have an extra set of pants, so she had to go pantsless the rest of our time there. I don't really think she recovered from this tramatic experience though because she hated the rest of Farm Country.

She didn't want to touch the animals and screamed if I prompted her to do so. She was okay for a little while when we went to see the chickens and the goats, but then we saw the ducks. One goose stuck it's head through the bars and honked at her and it was all over. She couldn't stop crying. She had been scared enough.

What kind of mother am I that I would bring her to a cold place of terror? We left early and Anne and the kids stayed for their second pony ride. Nicole was much happier in the warm car and was all better by the time we got home. No more Farm Country for a while I think.

Later that night, Matt tried to giver her a ride on his shoulders, she didn't like this either. I just don't think she is the baby who likes rides. I don't know why I am surprised. She won't let people hold her, I don't know why she would let a horse hold her. Oh well.


Jenni Elyse said...

So traumatic to have a goose honk at you when you're not even one! Poor Nicole. Hopefully, she'll go out of her non-riding non-holding phase.

Marie said...

If only they'd had cats at farm country. Then she would have been happy.

Jasmine said...

Oh, blow-outs when you're not at home are the worst! I've had a couple experiences like that--having to completely strip down a screaming baby outside in cold weather.

We took Alexis to the Petsmart adoption center one Saturday because we thought she'd like seeing all the puppies. Wrong--terrified. I guess a bunch of barking dogs is a bit much for a baby. She's recovered, though, so maybe there's still hope for Nicole and ponies. :)

Lisa D said...

Is it bad that I'm laughing hard at the thought of a goose honking at Nicole? 'Cause it's a pretty funny picture. I'm going to be a horrible mother, laughing at my kids' traumatic experiences.

Laura said...

Oh the trauma of childhood. Were you trying to scar my granddaughter for life? Not really. Believe it or not, she will get over it. She has a good mommy and daddy and she will learn that she is safe with them and overcome her fears. You survived all the traumas I unwittingly inflicted on you...and look how good you turned out!