Monday, March 15, 2010


Last week after many days of being a fussy eater, Nicole's first tooth finally broke through. But, it wasn't the tooth we were expecting. It was her top front tooth that first broke through. We think the other teeth are not far behind because her fussiness continues.

I'm just excited that it has finally happened. I was starting to think that she would never get teeth.

Nicole is getting more and more brave all the time which is a good and a bad thing. It is good because she seems to be socializing with other kids a little more and is less clingy to mommy. She is still skittish around adults though. But, her bravery is also a bad thing in some cases. A couple of days ago, she decided she needed some keys that were on the counter and attempted to lean out of her highchair to get them. It resulted in her with one leg hanging out of the chair and one hand gripping the counter while the rest of her was in the high chair that was slowly moving away from the counter. Luckily, Daddy caught her before she could fall.

Matt taught Nicole how to go down the stairs this weekend. I had tried to teach her in the past to no avail, but he spent a few hours showing her how it was done and she can now turn around and go down the stairs. I don't know if this releaves my anxiety about her and the stairs, because she is getting very brave and careless.

Many new developmen ts as she approaches the year mark.


Lauren said...

Hooray for her tooth! What a relief that it's finally here. Nicole sounds like a little adventurer. That should lead to lots more fun for mom. :)

Marie said...

She looks so cute with her one front tooth.

Laura said...

My little Coley is growing up. One tooth down, many more to go. Getting braver is a good thing. You just have to watch her more carefully and anticipate all the trouble that she can get into. Welcome to my world 20 to 30 years ago.