Friday, September 14, 2012

Hand Foot and Mouth

Last night, Nicole and Dan both fell asleep before 8pm. I thought it was a miracle! I thought that I was the luckiest mom in the world to get kids who were asleep so early. No such thing as a luckiest mom.

Nicole got out of bed at 9:30pm and came into our room. I was going to send her back to bed, but Matt wanted hugs and snuggles, so Nicole hopped into bed with Matt for snuggles and Matt said, "She feels like lava."

I pulled out the thermometer and took her temp... 103.9!

Thank goodness Matt wanted a hug before bed otherwise I would have sent my fever girl back to bed to boil there.

I knew that Nicole's cousin, Lindy, had Hand Foot and Mouth last week so we knew that the kids had been exposed, but I was really hoping that the kids would avoid getting it. Alas that I am not the luckiest mommy in the world.

Nicoley had said that her throat hurt while she was eating dinner, but I thought that it was another one of her tactics that she uses to get out of eating dinner. But, her throat really did hurt. I shined a flashlight in her mouth and she has little sores on her throat. Poor girl!

We immediately got fever reducer into Nicole and then put her into a cool bath. She did not like the cool bath, but she was so brave! She sat shivering in the cool water, letting us pour more water down her head to cool her off and she didn't cry.

I told Nicole while she was sitting in the bath, "Nicoley, I'm so sorry that you are sick."

Nicole said back to me, "It is okay Mommy, I forgive you."

She is so cute! It just breaks my heart when my little one is sick. The bath and meds got her fever down to 101, which was acceptable enough to get her out of the cold bath.

Nicoley stayed in our room until 11pm when she declared that she wanted to go back to bed. She went and was quiet and fell asleep.

I checked her this morning and she was fevering at 103 again this morning. Ugh! I hate Hand Foot and Mouth!

Unfortunately, Hand Foot and Mouth is a virus, so there is nothing we can do but wait it out. No reason to go to the doctor unless the fevers get unmanageable. So, Matt will keep her hydrated and let her eat a lot of popsicles, and hopefully, this thing will pass quickly.


Rebecca Susan said...

Eeek! My two oldest got that a few years ago and it was miserable!! Hope you're holding up OK. Those two-little-toddlers-and-working days feel so very, very long when you're right in the middle of them. Hang in there!

Jasmine said...

Oh no! So sad! We kind of lucked out with two VERY mild cases of HFM this summer, so I'm so sorry that Nicole is suffering so much. Any sign of it on Dan, yet?

aleisethefunny said...

That stinks! I just had 3 cases of it here about 4 weeks ago. They got pretty sick but they didn't get many sores. I hope everyone is well soon!

Becky said...

Dan hasn't shown signs yet, but it is inevitable that he will get it. Dan and Nicole share everything.

Marie said...

Poor kids! It's so sad when your babies are not feeling well. I hope it passes quickly!