Thursday, September 20, 2012

Company Party!

These are hurdles, but they were too big for Cole to go over, so she went under.
 A couple of weeks ago, my company had its summer party. I helped to plan this party and it was a LOT of work to set up, but in the end it turned out really well. The theme for the party was Olympics and we planned and set up a lot of games for kids and adults to play that were Olympic-esque.

We had Hurdles, and a Javelin throw that were made from pool noodles. We had an equestrian course for kids to do with stick ponies. You can see the course in the left side of the picture above. There was limbo, water gun marksmanship, nerf gun archery, bicycle and tricycle courses, soccer, croquet, bacci ball, ring toss, bowling, volleyball, rock band, just dance, bounce houses, basketball, duck wading pools, and dodgeball. Like I said, it was a LOT of work to put together and set up. I obviously didn't do it alone, I was just one of the people planning and setting up.

 The kids loved it! They loved playing on the bounce houses and getting prizes for the courses. But, in true fashion, the things my kids loved the most was not all the fun things that were planned, it was the playground. They just wanted to play at the playground at the park.

 Dan did love the tricycle course even though he didn't actually know how to use the pedals.

My favorite part of the party was the food. Some guys at work smoked pork, turkey, and sausage for the food and it was awesome. I wish I could have enjoyed the food more, but because I'm a parent, dinner was spent trying to control the kids and eat as fast as I could.

The company party was a lot of fun. I love free parties, free food, and free stuff. Unfortunately, we missed Adobe's company party this year because Matt works the graveyard shift only on the weekends and by the time Matt read his email at work, the party had already occurred. Curses!

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