Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Nicole's Drawings

Nicole has been really into drawing lately and she is getting better and better. Her drawings used to just be scribbles on the page with the occasional circle here and there. But then she surprised us the other day and started drawing objects and people.

Self portrait

 Family Portrait: Mommy, Dan, Daddy, and Nicole. Notice that Matt is bald but the rest of us have hair?

Flower (I didn't flip the picture)


I showed her an example yesterday of how to draw a body and she got it right away and drew a picture of Dan with a body. She is doing awesome.

It may not look impressive to the untrained eye, but it is amazing to see your child who barely knew how to hold a writing utensil into making pictures with shapes and people. I didn't even teach her how to draw hair, she just figured it out.


Jasmine said...

That's awesome! Alexis just started doing this, too, and I absolutely love it. :)

Marie said...

Wow! Those are great! She's going to be a good drawer just like her mommy.

Sarah said...

I would say those are exceptional for her age. She's always been a quick learner though.