Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hand Foot and Mouth Baby

Dano at the doctor on day 2
 Dano and Coley had Hand Foot and Mouth this weekend. While most kids get sores on their hands and feet, but my kids just had sores in their mouth and had outrageously high fevers.

 My poor Dano had a hard time of it. His mouth hurt so bad that he was refusing food and drink. I kept forcing small amounts of water into his mouth to keep him hydrated, he screamed and cried like I had injured him. My poor little baby.

I took him to the doctor on Monday because he hadn't needed a diaper change in 20 hours (that is bad). He was so lethargic and whiny and wouldn't leave my lap. I felt so bad for my little man.

It is really hard being a Mommy with a sick little kid. It breaks my heart every time they are sick and I feel helpless to make them feel better.

Today, Dano started feeling a little better. He finally began drinking and eating. I know his mouth still hurts because he still cries when he puts things in his mouth, but he is on the upside of things, thankfully.

Ignore the fact that I look awful in this picture. I was going off of only two hours of sleep and I hadn't yet showered.

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Marie said...

Sick babies are so sad. As a parent, you just wish you could take the sickness from them. I'm glad he's getting better.