Tuesday, October 27, 2009


So, a week ago Friday, Matt started feeling sick. He's still feeling sick. He finally went to the doctor and took a day off work and he has a virus that turned into a sinus infection. Yay no swine flu!

I went to the doctor too because I have been sick for four days. I have a virus that is the beginning stages of a sinus infection. Well, it could be worse.

It is really difficult to be sick and take care of a baby I have discovered. It is like babies always need something and I love her, so I give it to her (like food and milk and stuff). Yesterday Nicole was super fuss face and I thought for sure that she had caught what I have, but today she is hunky dory so it must be those darn teeth again.

I'm starting to think that teeth are a myth. She had four days of fever over 100 and no teeth. They are never coming! They are just going to torture her and therefore me forever.

Well, I'm hoping the sicknesses pass before the weekend so that we can enjoy Halloween because I'm not hanging around people and passing on this sickness. It stops with me. Gottya there virus!


Jenni Elyse said...

I'm glad you two don't have the swine flu and I'm glad Nicole is hunky dory again. Sorry you're not feeling well, though. I hope you and Matt feel better son and can enjoy Halloween!

PS - Way to show that virus who's boss!

Deanne said...

We feel your pain. It is stinky being sick. We're just getting it out of our system(s) early in the season, right? I hope your household is well soon.

Marie said...

Oink oink!

Sarah said...

They don't oink for sinus infections.

Laura said...

It is hard to be sick and take care of kids. But like everything else...practice makes perfect. Hope you all feel better soon.

Erin said...

I got the same thing last week! A virus that kept me down for 3 days that turned into a sinus infection. I blame you. I'm sorry I haven't called you to hang out, but you don't need to send voodoo sickness to me to punish me!