Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Orange Rolls and Conference

This weekend we made Orange Rolls for conference. I wish I had taken a picture, but I didn't have the sense of mind to do it and then they were gone before I knew it!

Sunday morning the baby woke up around 6am like she usually does. I put her back down to sleep and then went down to the kitchen to start the dough for orange rolls. It takes a long time if you are making the dough from scratch because the dough has to rise... twice! So, I made the dough and let it rise and went back to bed. But, of course Nicole was up an hour later. She is most definitely an early to riser.

The orange rolls were fairly easy to make, if time consuming, but they were totally worth it! We had Sarah and her newly reunited boyfriend Mark over. And, we had DJ and Kristy. I like to be with family on conference. It is just a comfortable and happy time.

Conference this year was as good as it ever is. It is such a comfort to have the guidance from our church leaders and be able to hear the counsels of the Lord from my own living room. It is most definitely my favorite church meeting ever. I would have conference all the time if I could. But, then I guess it wouldn't feel as special as it does.


Marie said...

Sorry I missed the orange rolls, but Anthon made me scones for breakfast. They were good.

Jasmine said...

Mmmm...sounds yummy!

Sorry Nicole didn't let you sleep in. Maybe she'll start sleeping better soon. *crosses fingers*

Annette said...

Recipe please, so I can steal from you!