Monday, April 19, 2010

Tight Spaces

Nicole has recently decided to try and fit herself into any space that she finds. Last night she was playing with the tuperware and decided to crawl into the cupboard.

She is so hilarious! She also thinks that the bottom shelf of my nightstand is her own personal chair. She also threw all of her toys out of the bottom drawer of a little plastic dresser that we have and she sits in the bottom drawer. Once she is in the drawer, she pulls all her toys back in with her.

The other night at Marie's, Nicole attempted to crawl in the one foot tall shelf of Ree's end table and then got really upset when she could not sit up once on the shelf.

She also likes to tip my laundry baskets onto their sides and sit inside them. I don't understand this new fascination with sitting in and on things, but I think it is super cute.

Grandma Kimball sent this outfit and Nicole loves it! She wants t wear the hat everywhere, but not every hat, just this one. Unfortunately, her head is a little too big for it and if falls off a lot.

Nicole loved this pair of sunglasses that Matt and I bought her last year. She wore them all morning once because she didn't want to take them off. Then they got left on the ground and broken by a giant foot. We bought her new ones that are slightly different and she doesn't like them like she liked the old ones. Alas.


Marie said...

She's getting so big and independant. I want to see a picture of her in the drawer!

Lisa D said...

She's like a cat. Has she been taking lessons from Marie's cats?

Marie said...

She does love my cats. Too bad they don't love her.