Monday, September 21, 2009

Hair Cut

Okay, pretend that this picture is right side up. My computer was fighting with me and I lost. So, Marie had work off last Friday and she came over to my house to help me bake lots of stuff and cut my hair.

Nicoley loves to grab and pull hair, and, with mine being so long, she would get her little fingers tangled in my hair and only pull harder trying to get them free. It was beyond time for a haircut.

My lovely sister Marie cut off 11 inches for me and it feels great! My head is so light I feel free from my heavy hair. Now it is a lot more difficult for Nicole to grab and it looks super cute. Thanks Marie!

I'm going to find out how to donate the 11 inches that I cut off, but in the mean time I thought that Nicole might like a little more hair. Strangely, she didn't seem to like my hair once it was no longer attached to my head.

But, I still have a happy and healthy little fatty for a baby. Even if she does have only fine little blonde hairs.
She is my brown eyed, blond hair little baby and I love her!


Lauren said...

Hey! Finally a picture with Nicole making a face other than her deer in headlights look. So cute!

Jasmine said...

Cute hair! It makes a very nice wig for Nicole. :)

Marie said...

No pics of the cupcakes and cookies? How did the party go?

Rebecca Susan said...

It looks great.

If you go to and write down the address, you can just stick the pony tail in a ziploc bad and then in a padded envelope and mail it to them. That's where I always send mine.