Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend!

I love three day weekends! They have the best elements: no work, time with Matt, and more sleep. Plus, it was fairly sunny, but not too hot this weekend, which is only a bonus!
Matt and I attempted to go swimming in our pool yesterday, but it was, alas, closed until June 1st. Which I think is completely lame. It should be open now while children are still in school and not likely to swim. I don't like to be around excessive amounts of noisy children, so I wouldn't want to swim if they were at the pool. They make all sorts of noise and splash and are really annoying. Someday I will get over my annoyance of children, someday...
I also got the pleasure of making Marie's Bridal Shower invitations on Saturday. I went up to Mom's and we made them using our stellar scrapbooking skills. We made 70 of them and it took 3 hours. When I made mine I only had to make 60, I don't know why Marie has ten more friends than I do, but I think that I should be jealous. I had almost 35 people come to my bridal shower and I hope that Marie has an equally good turnout because... Presents!
Matt and I had Kristi (Matt's sister) and her roomates over on Saturday and we played excessive amounts of Wii. It really is the funnest of the new systems out there. I find myself often playing Zelda because it is awesome! Kristi and roomates seemed to really like Wii sports. Everyone was able to play because we recently bought two additional controllers for the system. Which was two-fold pleasant because we now have four controllers and we used the last of our Target gift certificates. Now I have no reason to go back to Target, yay!
Sunday I made my first crockpot meal and my very first roast. Mom and Bill gave us one fourth of a pig that they had slaughtered, so we had a roast to make and I decided to make it in my new spandangled crockpot that Norm and Rand gave us. It was surprisingly easy. Just chop and put in crockpot, season, and turn on. We went to church and came home and dinner was ready. It was really yummy and I was happy with the turnout. It is like I am learning how to cook. I also bought the ingredients for this recipe that I found on Jasmine's blog and I will attempt to make it later this week. Someday I'll be able to cook without Matt's supervision, someday... The other day I attempted asparagus unsuccessfully. They did not taste stellar.
Kelli came over on Sunday and played board games with us. I missed board game playing because we have been playing video games soo much recently. Back in the day, I had Lisa and Nibs to supply me with constant board game playing buddies. I haven't played Settlers in who knows how long. Count how many months Lisa has been gone and that is how long it has been since I've played Settlers. That is too long! Matt and I have to find a super game playing couple without children. Children complicate the process.
In conclusion, it was an excellent weekend and I look forward to my next holiday, which, regretably, is not until July. Sigh.


Mc said...

Poor Charlie. We shall miss that pig.

I've said it before and I'll say it again.

Video Games > All

They're always there for you. They don't argue with you. They'll even love you...if you have the right game in.

Becky said...

I want my video games to love me! Why am I so left out?!?

Jasmine said...

The part I don't like about the three-day weekends is that you have to go back to work and adjust back to getting up early. The three-day weekends are just long enough that you start to get used to sleeping in, so making that adjustment back is so hard!

Congrats on the crock-pot meal! I love mine, too! I'll have to post a recipe on my blog for crock-pot peach cobbler. Mmmmmm...