Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Gilmore Girls and Fox must Die

Gilmore Girls has to go. After the sad attempt at an episode this week, I've realized that I want it to end. I think another season or even a have season would only prolong its misery. First of all, when did Rory become this really annoying sad face? Her character has changed a lot through the years, the most in this last season and it is weird to see her not succeed and be sad about it. She usually has a plan and a back up plan and a plan after that. And, with her whole "operation finish line" with Paris, she should have had lots of options in front of her. Additionally, I like that Lorelei is moving toward the not hating of Luke, but this is a very strange transition that they are doing. I was not impressed by the writer's feeble attempts to show the additional characters of the town in a motley sort of way. It was as if they were just stuck in waywardly while the real plot laid elsewhere. Okay, rant over.

Fox must die because it cancelled Drive, the new Tim Minear series that was begun in the middle of the year at a really odd time in a Monday night spot. The show was poorly advertised and began on a Sunday night before moving to Monday and only ran three episodes before Fox cancelled it. Fox doomed it to fail before it even began! It was as if they had an extra time slot to fill for a few weeks, so they created a show that they could kill. The show was actually really interesting. It was a different idea with actors that I liked and skilled writing. But, in the Fox like way, it has been cancelled... Fox needs to suck less.

It is almost summer, which means that it is almost time for my shows to take a break. I'm not really sure what I will do with myself. I guess I could pay more attention to my husband, but that sounds like a lot of work. I will have to play my new board games and the Wii that I will inevitably get. The Wii looks like buckets of fun and I want one for husband and me. Matt ordered one and we will hopefully get it in a couple weeks. Hopefully...

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Angela said...

Yeah I stopped watching Gilmore Girls altogether, it has totally gone down the drain. Time to put everyone out of their misery!