Monday, August 13, 2007


Matt and I are moving on Saturday the 18th! We just moved four months ago into our current apartment, so it is a bit of a pain to be moving again so soon. But, we are moving into our house, so it is a lot more exciting of a move than moving into the apartment was.
I won't miss having to go up three flights of stairs everyday. I won't miss neighbors to share walls with. I won't miss lady who smokes in the stairwell or kids who play in the stairwell. Living in an apartment pretty much sucks all around. Houses are awesome!
So, we get to pack all week long and try to find places for the boxes that we pack. The apartment is a little full right now as we have Johnny and Sarah and all their stuff living with us. It really isn't so bad, it is just going to be very cluttery for the next week. I will take deep breaths though and try to get through it. Matt has been amazing; he was packing this weekend as I layed in bed sick. It is pretty much awesome having a proactive husband.
We close on Wednesday and will start moving boxes over in our cars on Thursday. Then, on Saturday, we will move all of the furniture. We will start around 9am for any and all those who want to pitch in and help us move. (hint hint to siblings in the area)
I've decided that I'm very excited for this move.


Jenni Blaser said...

Sorry I couldn't help you move! I'm so excited for you, though! When you get done unpacking and get back from your "finally" honeymoon, you'll be so excited to be in your own home! YAY for you!

Angela said...

I hope the move went well. We just moved into our first house last month and it's so much better than apartment living!

Brother said...

I'll help you move...oh, wait

Becky said...

Stupid brother and his living in California!
Angela! I haven't heard from you in forever. Are you in Utah? You have very cute kids.