Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bored Now

Okay, so things are more than a little slow at work today. In fact, I really have nothing to do. I haven't really had work for two days, but I've been keeping it on the DL so that I don't get givem made up work. I've been trying to find work for myself to do, but it sometimes is really boring. For instance, yesterday I spent three hours looking at fonts and trying to decide what would be a good standard for the Dentrix manuals. As entertaining as fonts are, it is a true challenge of the underachiever to make that last for three hours.

I think that I will milk the font thing for at least half of the day today though because there really isn't much going on. Plus, Erin isn't here and my boss isn't here, so, that is a large majority of the team that is just gone.

Normally, in times like these, I would watch Homestarrunner or some tv on my computer, but alas that such things have been banned from the department. So, I thought that I might blog. But, unfortunately, I type too darn fast and this has only taken me like five minutes to write. Curse my excessive writing skills!

The truly ironic part, or maybe it is just the unfair part, is that Matt is super busy at work as of late. Especially today, today he has to stay at work until 8pm because it is a working night. This means that not only do I get to be bored at work, but after work I get to go home and be bored some more. Maybe I'll clean to ebb the boredom. Ha! Na, I'm not gonna clean.

These are the times that I miss messenger. When I had messenger at Makau (against rules) I was able to just chat with my friends during slow times. And, my computer wasn't facing a hallway, so it was a lot easier to get away with stuff. Now, both of my computers are visible from the very populated hallway and the HR staff here are often compared to natzis. They like to patrol the hallways to make sure that everyone is working. It is a little bit funny. And, it only occurs on the third floor in the east section because that is where they higher ups offices are. I think that it is truly lame that my department got stuck on this floor in this location. When we grow out of our cubicles, I'm hoping that they move us.

Well, I've got some serious non-working to do, so I ought to depart. Sigh.


Brother said...

I can't believe you even color-coded your blog! LAME!

You know when I don't have work to do......


I thought that was funny at least.

Becky said...

Bordem can drive a person to do crazy things brother! You and your hoighty toighty thinks he's so great work!

Jenni Blaser said...

Our department is so lame now! It's horrid! I wish you could watch Homestarrunner too. :( At least you get to go home in like 20 minutes and have a good weekend.

PS - I love your color-coded blog. It's awesome!

Jasmine said...

I feel your boredom! We're in between semesters at work right now, so there are no students on campus and very little work to be done. I get bored at about 11:00 in the morning. (Pretty sad when I get here at 9!)