Monday, April 02, 2007

Honeymoon Over

Now my honeymoon is officially over since I am back at work today. Even though I didn't go anywhere foreign and the majority of my honeymoon was spent hanging out at the apartment, I miss it. I liked spending all day, every day with Matt, even if we were only watching 24 season three (excellent season). But, now it is over... Alas!
So, my sources tell me (or they are lying to me) that my reception was uber fun. It is difficult for me to know if this is true because I was so busy hobnobbing with my guests. I didn't even get to try any of the food that was served there, which was truly tragic. But, I hear that the food was good. Anthon should know best considering that he was eating for seven that night. But, I got to dance and smile excessively and see my Uncle Ron, so I was happy with the turn-out. Unfortunately, we ran out of food and we started serving cheesecake at 5 dollars a slice and the reception center charged me 500 extra dollars. I kinda hate them now. I do not recommend Somewhere Inn Time as a reception center.
So, the wedding is over and the honeymoon is over and I have to go on with normal life... living with a man. It is odd, yet really good thus far. We will see how long I retain this view, hopefully I will always think it a good thing. Life is different now that I have a husband to think about. But, I suppose that life is suppose to constantly be changing. I just hope that with each new change in my life, I am prepared to meet it... or throw things at it and run away fast. I love my husband.
Becky Kimball


Mc said...

I ate $5 of your cheesecake and $5 of your Pineapple punch.

Becky said...

Curse you Derington! Well, I'm still glad that you were there. I would have been really sad if you hadn't come. I have the best big brother ever!

Sarah said...

I ate no dollars of your cheesecake and some of your punch...I was too busy shmoozing people...unlike Fat Antonio.

Justin said...

Got it taken care of. Somewhere Inn Time is now Somewhere Inn A Pile Of Smoldering Ashes And Debris Thanks To Justin's Flamethrower.

And you can't go calling Mike by his last name just because it isn't yours anymore!!

And're a FREAK!!! And you only shmoozed the puppy of the month, I saw you. Stupid red slobbery plastic thing.

Becky said...

Thanks for takin'care of that for me Justin! And calling my family members by their last name is the priveledge of changing my last name. Snap!
The puppy of the month is named Jade.