Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Wedding Pictures

Okay, so I haven't yet ordered my wedding pictures yet. I have Brochitis and I had the stomach flu yesterday. I wish that I could stop getting sick. Additionally, I'd rather like to not get two sicknesses at once again. That was pretty much the opposite of fun. Plus, I get Matt sick and there is just no good in that. A good 1.5 weeks of the 2.5 weeks that I have been married, I have been sick. That is just no way to start a marriage.
Right, back to wedding pics. Well, my pics are up on my photographer's website, so for now, if any one wants to view them, you can go here:
It is under Derington-Kimball wedding.
Here is hoping that I feel better soon and that I stop catching sicknesses from children.


Goddess said...

What? You have children? Why didn't you tell me? No wonder you got married so fast.

Becky said...

I didn't say MY children, just children in general. They should stop spreading their sickness like it is a disease! And I hopefully won't have children for some time.

Sarah said...

Hey, are you going to be getting the pics on a cd so that you can email them or whatever Babes? Cuz I want that one where I look totally makey outy.

Becky said...

There is no pics cd. Alas.

Mc said...

I hate babies! I want to kick them.

Mc said...

Ok, I give up. What is the link, "Marie, I have a surprise for you!"

I tried to hack it, but didn't want to put the time in. JUST TELL ME!

Marie said...

My surprise was pics of me jumping on Anthon after he caught the garder. It is password protected because Anthon and I asked her why some of her pics had a password on them. So she put a password on mine so I'd feel special.

So Bec--you don't get a CD of your pics??? Maybe I won't use her then because I want all my pics on my computer and I want the copyright to them.

Mc said...

Yeah, and besides, I beat up her brother in Jr. High.

Seriously, I did. Justin told me who she was and I was like, "What? I totally beat up her brother forever ago!"

So, obviously she's not the choice to go with. :P

Justin said...

Yep, it's true. Mike beat up her brother, and then I beat HER up.

I'm smarter.