Monday, July 23, 2007

Mike is Engaged

Mike got engaged this weekend and we are all very excited for him. He is engaged to Lisa Frisbee and she is just an excellent pick for him! We were all hoping that this would happen because Lisa is a very cute girl with fun earrings and Mike just would have been stupid to let her get away.

I think that, with time, we will all come to love Lisa more than Mike. We will invite her to family events and tell Lisa that she can bring Mike too if she wants.

Reportedly, Lisa's ring is an Emerald of unknown cut, and carrot. The ring itself is of unknown metalic material. I'm hoping for more information on this, but I'm not knowing if I will get it.

There is no set date yet, but Mike hopes to marry in a foriegn country. I am against this idea, but I don't necessarily get a say. Curse that Mike.

Congratulate Mike and Lisa in the future bliss.


Jasmine said...

Wow, it finally happened! Congrats to the Mike!

Becky said...

I just gloat that I got married first though I am younger. Oh, and please don't get married in China.

Brother said...

Time: December.
Place: China.
Ring: Round cut and .5 Carat...I believe. 14k White gold. There's a picture of it on her myspace page.

go to and she's my top friend.

Anonymous said...

Good thing Mike knows the difference between a carrot and a carat...unlike Becky. Are you sure your ring isn't 1 carrot?

Becky said...

Shut up... you're stupid! You're stupid!