Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Take a Chance on Me

So, I've got the "Take a Chance on Me" song stuck in my head this morning. If any of you watched The Office last week, you will understand why. The sad part is that I don't even know all of the words, so the chorus just keeps replaying in my mind. Stupid Andy

I am feeling much better this week than I did last week. I'm still nausiated and sick, but I'm less sick and I call that improvement. Being sick for a month is definitely not the funnest thing ever. I think that the funnest thing ever was probably sky diving. But, I don't think I should be sky diving whilst sick.

So, Matt had a Birthday last week. It was uneventful, just how he likes it, but the conclusion is the same and he is now 29! Yay for him. He is only one year away from 30 and oldom. Though Matt is like 5 years older than me and stuff, I still think of him as my age. Mostly because I'm married to him and I'm my age, so I feel like he is too. Strangely, DJ (Matt's brother) who is actually my age, I feel like he is much younger. But, I blame this mostly on Dj's silliness.

Additionally, I am happy to say that I am cured of my small dog syndrome. For over a year now I have been wanting a small dog for a pet. A month ago, right when I was starting to get sick, Matt and I got a small terrier dog. We had her for one week and I was really really sick and we were always going to the hospital and such so we gave back the dog to the shelter where we got her. But, in that weeks time, I realized how annoying and not fun a puppy is. They are nothing but trouble and work and really really smelly. I have no desire to get a small dog any longer. In fact, I have no desire to get a dog at all. I think that Matt and I will just not be pet people. Pets are a lot of work. If we ever do get a dog, it will be an old/pre-trained dog that does not mess on our brand new carpet.


Jasmine said...

That's really funny - Joel had that song in his head over the weekend and he said he couldn't figure out why. Then I reminded that perhaps it was because Andy did it on The Office on Thursday...hmmm...yeah. That was it. Plus, and I never thought I'd say this, I actually liked Andy in that episode and felt sorry for him. It was just so cute! (I won't say anything more in case others have not seen it.)

I'm glad you're starting to feel better, and sorry about the puppy. It's always sad when pets don't work out how you thought they would.

Goddess said...

Yea! She lives!

Goddess said...

And she should definitely get a dog. Just a trained one.

Sarah said...

Dogs are the greatest, you just don't know it because you haven't learned the patience that must come along with them. It shall reward you in the end....have babies!

Brother said...

Don't have babies! They're dirty and icky and they'll get you more sick than you already are! Did I mention they're loud and needy and a money sink? They also look ugly for awhile and are slimy and a grande inconvenience for 20 years of your life!

Becky said...

Dogs and Babies are evil! Dogs pee on the carpet and Babies... pee on the carpet. Plus, babies have jam hands. I'll take care of Matt and that will be more than enough responsibility for me.